To keep the body in good health is duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddah

Life at a software house demands prolonged sitting in front of the desktop. Only a break appears in 9 hours of working, in which people takes lunch and go back to work again. In this sort of situation, one can’t balance ones health and job.

DevBunch knows that health is something that does not come with money. It is earned with first seeking the right advice and then wearing it as a lifestyle. So, our CEO, Mr. Ammar took the first step towards the healthy lifestyle and arranged a seminar on February 25, 2020 with Mr. Faheem Rana, who is a professional fitness consultant.

The motive of the seminar was to enlighten the people with health destructing habits and to tell them the remedies, in order to regain fitness. Mr. Faheem talked about many dieting habits that are destroying our health. He also told that how much exercise is required daily. And how much weight loss is fine in a week. Another imperative aspect of the seminar was to recreate the energy level of everyone sitting there.

The event answered a lot of questions that were residing in the minds of employees. And it fulfilled every objective the organization.

After that, there was a refreshment course. In which delicious samosas and juices were served. From the happening of seminar, everyone has been trying to follow uo the healthy instructions given by Mr. Faheem.