In the season of oranges and the yellow daylight, DevBunch keeping up its tradition to entertain its employees by celebrating Orange Day.


Basically the idea came up with the arrival of spring. Its a common tradition that everybody welcomes the spring by arranging some sort of festival. So, our team decided to welcome the spring in a unique way.

We had to decide a clothing color that should have a harmonious fruit. And then we ended up selecting the orange color. The team thought what better combination can be made to greet the spring and farewell the leaving season of oranges. Moreover, orange color brings freshening sensation in the exhausted minds. And the reason to organize these events is mental refreshment and recreation. So, orange was the perfect color for the fulfillment of all objectives.

Crates of oranges were brought on the orange day. Everybody was dressed in orange. And then in the presence of Mr. Ammar, we ate those oranges, clicked the pictures and made memories.

DevBunch has a culture of cheering up its employees in every fortnight. And that day another memory was built to retain the culture.