“One Woman can make the difference but together we can rock the word.”

March 8th, the international women’s day is celebrated to promote women rights, equality and achievements. It is a common norm that people unite for this remarkable day to praise the daily efforts of women in every sector because the world has accepted the fact that women play an important role for the progress and development.

1. How To Celebrate Women’s Day

On 8th March, many women’s day campaigns are organized. Some organizations and institutions arrange talks, some has a tradition to organize an award ceremony for their prominent ladies. Here are some methods to endorse women rights and support gender equality at your workplace.

It is a globally acknowledged rule that gender balance must be promoted at workplace for good business. A recent study by MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Union College has revealed that teams with more women have greater productivity. Surveys were conducted, and this activity unleashed that teams with more female members have greater chances of excellence. So, enhance the productivity at your work space by hiring women and try to change the primitively biased mindset of male employees too.

Actions must be taken to remove the misogynistic thinking in the working environment. For this purpose, motivational talks must be arranged inside the office. There can be certain activities that can lead to blending of all the workers without any gender discrimination.

Endorse those activities that leads to encouragement of women at your office. You can uphold an award giving ceremony for them or you can arrange an interactive session where prominent women can tell their success stories and in the end you can reward them with a certificate.

2. Prominent Women In Technology

Now let’s take a moment to praise the big female names in technical industry. Grace Hopper-the queen of software, Radia Perlman-the mother of internet and Ada Lovelace-the first computer programmer. There are many other female personalities that have changed the face of the world and proved the mentality, “Women can’t work in technical field” wrong.

3. How DevBunch Celebrated Women’s Day

DevBunch organized an interactive session for its 4 working ladies at women’s day. The whole decorum was made pink and white to represent support with women.


All working ladies shared their thoughts in that interactive session. Each member wrote here own inspirational quote to exhibit strength and power in the working space.