In the era of digital gadgets and electronic media it is highly strategic to own an e- commerce website for business growth. An e-commerce website provides an online shop for your customers to purchase your products. So, we can say it is an online representation of your business and products.


We are going to discuss some features that can make the best e-commerce website. And the annoying mistakes that should be avoided to facilitate the customer.

1. User Friendly

We listen every other person saying that website should be user-friendly but nobody tells the key characters of a user friendly website. A user friendly website is the one that can be navigated with ease. And it should have short and well-organized pages. Simple, well-formatted and concise content must be used to be easily understandable by every customer. Customers are expecting fast response from your website when they are surfing through it or buying products by it. So, fast loading is another key feature of a user friendly website.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Business growth depends on the location of your shop. What if your shop is not even visible to your direct customer? Will it be profitable enough? Not at all! Same is in the case of e-commerce websites. If the website is invisible to your customer, how come he would surf and buy your product. To resolve this problem, we have a solution that is Search Engine Optimization that increases the website traffic by quality keywords and the quantity of content. SEO enhances website visibility and helps growing your business.

3. Responsiveness

The universality of mobile devices with internet access has made it clear that a website should be usable on mobile devices and tablets. Responsive design of an e-commerce will let you expand your business and make it more profitable. As it will attract the customers with all sort of gadgets and screen fashions.

4. Shopping Cart And Check Out Process

An optimal cart is necessary to keep track of the products, a person has selected while surfing through the e-commerce website. It’s like a traditional carriage that is carried in shops to pickup stuff on your way. Checkout process starts when someone presses the checkout button to find out the detailed specifications of a product. There pricing methods and shipping methods are also displayed. It covers the part of order confirmation too. So, we can say it is the final but the most essential part of e-commerce website. It should operate optimally otherwise it will cause the customer loss.

5. Transaction Mechanism

When the order is about to be placed, a list of payment methods must be shown, so that the customer can select the feasible one for the transaction of money. If you are stick to a single mechanism like net banking transfer, the customer may want some other domain to transact money and in the end he may give up on you because the transaction domain is not feasible enough for him.

Variety Of Transaction Mediums

6. CTA (Call To Action)

It is a content that is to prompt the user or customer. The “call now” or “buy” sort of buttons fall under this category. This is necessary because it prompts your customer to buy the product and takes it to other process for buying stuff.

CTA In E-Commerce

Things That Should Be Avoided

Two of the most prominent mistakes are done by website owners that annoys the customer and they end up losing their buyers.

1. Pop-ups

Too many pop-ups can make the life of a customer difficult. Imagine yourself, ordering something, and facing unnecessary pop-ups. These pop-ups may lead to web page changes and can cost a customer loss.

2. Choice Paralysis

When we have a bigger list of options, we get confused about taking any decision. Sometimes we just leave the whole list or sometimes we end up taking the worst decision. Same thing happens on the e-commerce websites, when a lot of choices are given and the customer gets perplexed what must be chosen and what to be left. This can be avoided by limiting the presentation of choices, product filtering by giving a navigation for different domains with product reviews and recommending products by reviewing customer’s data.

Product Filters


For a money making e-commerce website, the ease of customer is important. Otherwise it can spoil the reputation of your online selling point and can reduce your profit.