In the era of technical gadgets you can’t be the jack of all technologies. You need to hire foreign agents sometimes in order to fulfill a timely need. The strategy of outsourcing is cost effective for the company. Even in the low budget you are able to fulfill all your requirements. But there can be many things that must be kept in mind before signing a contract with someone.

1. Is it the right time of outsourcing?

First of all you need to ask a very legitimate question that is whether you really need outsourcing or you can fulfill your need by giving some training to your own employees. If the answer is positive in regards of outsourcing. You have to keenly check whether the person is experienced or not. People can ace the interview with a little bit study but their portfolio can’t lie, so you have to check their portfolio or at least testify their credibility, practically.

2. Can I trust the contractual person?

This is another imperative question to ask before outsourcing. You need to validate that person is not an agent of your competitor. If he is, he can leak out your particulars that may lead to your failure. If the first case isn’t true, then you should know the nohow of the person. What if he appears to be a fraudulent. Outsourcing is no ease, a background checked person must be hired.

3. Is it a one time thing or an ongoing project requirement?

If you are hiring a foreign agent for a timely purpose, it is completely fine. But if your company actively operates on those particular technologies, for which you are hiring a foreign resource, you need to hire a permanent professional. Because the more you outsource every other day, the more secrecy you are sharing every other day.

4. How would it effect your company’s reputation?

As explained in point 2, you cannot fully rely on the foreign agent you are hiring. If he does not satisfy your customer, it’s your reputation that will be spoiled.

5. How much project control you can surrender?

Whenever you are hiring someone from another company, his owner is different. On that project or activity both of the owners will be taking decisions. In this case you should know how much control you can sacrifice. How much intervention can you bear to make the project successful.


Outsourcing is no wastage of time, sometimes it is only solution to resolve an issue within time and budget. But you need to know the person’s credibility and you have to analyse your own emotional caliber to bear the new one you are hiring.