IT companies work on several projects daily. These projects revenue when they successfully facilitates the customer. Project completion is imperative but the foremost goal is to finish the project successfully. Certain phenomenons can stagger to make your project a complete wreckage. So, it is highly suggested to track your resources as well as the performance of management team to fulfill your project requirements timely and make it successful.

1. Project Creeps

The foremost reason of project failure is project creep. It is something that can rise because of lack of resources management or expansion in project boundaries.

Scope is the boundary of project. It remarks where the project would end and how it would look like after completion. In IT whenever the programmer is doing his job, he can suggest different advancements, and without asking from the customer, if that suggestion is implemented practically. It changes the scope of the project. In agile processing, when the customer’s feedback is involved in each and every sprint. And he is demanding changes every other time. This activity also creates scope creep. This can be penetrated by proper documentation of new additions.

Hope creep can rise due to unrealistic team members. There are several procrastinators hidden in a professional team and they hope to complete their assigned task timely but when the deadline arrives, they are not able to produce the deliverable. Then starts another deliverable cycle and the project manager is hoping that the project is not standing behind the schedule, but it actually stands because of some unrealistic expectant. This creates hope creep in the whole project cycle and eventually causes project failure. This can be avoided by 360 evaluation.

Sometimes an inexperienced person is hired and he puts all his efforts to complete his tasks but fails to achieve that because he is new in the industry. The best plan to avoid it, is to send him in the supervision of some experienced staff.

2. Miscommunication

Remember one thing, the client is not a professional. It is your duty to clearly figure out specifications. You can suggest him modern ways to develop his system but you have to vividly know how your client is picturing his completed project. If your direction and his imagination is inline, we can say no miscommunication happened here. But it can happen when you are presenting idea to investors or the development teams. This can be avoided by documenting the requirements and creating prototypes. These prototypes must be approved from the customers.


3. Lack Of Management Plan

Sometimes companies think planning is not required to implement an IT project. Well this is not the case. A proper schedule must have to be implemented and followed strictly. But you have to keep in mind that the schedule is not overly optimistic as you are working with human beings not robots. The other thing is management of resources is also very important. If you are hiring a foreign resource, you should make sure their availability on time. Finances must be managed properly, many of management teams surf 70% of finances on the initial level. This also leads to project failure because in the end you are out of money.

4. Little Testing Or Skipping Testing Phase

Often schedules are made this much pack, no room is left for testing the created software. This may cause delays in bug fixation and may lead to client annoyance. This situation can be avoided by following a V-model that creates and test the software side by side.


Whenever any project comes, a project management team should be hired to look over it and resources must be managed too. Otherwise project will fail and your reputation will be spoiled.