Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that is used to create intelligent agents that can mimic human acts. We even call artificial intelligence data driven intelligence because AI agents learn from the data and acts according to the learned data. AI is an interdisciplinary science but recent advancements have been made in machine learning and deep learning. Every single aspect of life is ruled by AI these days. And a lot of industries are doing research to create gaming agents, autonomous cars and service robots.

In the long journey of artificial intelligence, certain advancements has been made in multiple sectors.

1. Text Processing

A sub field of machine learning, known as natural language processing learns and manipulates the text written. And generates natural language text further. Dialects and ligatures are separated and stored in bags or groups. After successful learning from data-set, the computer or any intelligent agent should be able to create the text.


2. Speech Recognition

Speech recognition requires machine learning algorithms to identify the person who is talking. It can also detect what language is used by the speaker. Different data-sets of languages can be stored inside the system and it can be trained upon those systems. Speech recognition software works by breaking down the audio into individual voices, each sound is analyzed by using algorithms. Each individual word is predicted by comparing it with the learning data-set.


3. Computer Vision

Computer vision is the field of learning from visual data-set. Features in data are extracted and are stored in a group of feature bag. Labels are also assigned to those features. When a real time data comes in, again features extraction is done and labels are assigned. Labels are matched with the labels of the training data-set.


4. Robotics

Robotics uses concepts of AI for smart agents that have the capability to learn form the ongoing phenomenons and adapt accordingly. Robots are also made sociable, they can even interact with human beings too because of the advancements in AI.