If you have a business website on to the internet that means you are connected to Google Analytics. Now the question is what is google analytics, how does it work and why it is so imperative for business growth?

Google Analytics is nothing but a powerful tool designed to exhibit your website visitors by tracking the traffic and knowing the behavior of your customers. Now, let’s go onto the most important query that is; does it effect the business? The answer is yes, it effects and you can improve your business, if you know how it effects.

1. How Does Your Whole Business Process Work?

Google analytics is credible to identify any bugs and errors inside your website. Either your interface isn’t attractive or your website isn’t responding, the way others are, it will let you know. Yeah! it’s a good thing. Finally you would know, why your competitors are one step ahead from you, even if your products aren’t.

Previously, google analytics was not used and recognized this much but now it has become a technology trend. All you need is to import GA measurement tool, it will help you measure the performance on front end. It will allow you to observe any back end flaws in your website. GA Firebase can identify any surface improvements to the whole that may cause a threat to your business.

2. Is Your Data Attracting The Customers?

GA checks the images and vectors you have uploaded on your website. It tells whether these pictures are attracting your customers or just shedding them.

3. What Is The Most Destructing Part Of Your Website?

It is good to find out what is the most engaging part of your website but the most important thing is to know what is the least engaging part. Where people clicks to change the most. GA identifies that and it helps you change that ugly feature, web page or anything. It also gives you suggestions for the improvement by keeping track of your customers interest. As GA keeps track of your customers and daily visitors. It even scans the profiles of your customers and identifies their interest areas.

4. Who Are Your Customers And Daily Visitors?

Google Analytics helps you identify your buyers and visitors. You can track who is buying your product, who is returning to buy and who is just visiting your website to check prices of the products. By making people accept the cookies can help you identify your buyers and visitors.

5. Why Your Competitor Has Higher Rating?

After stalking the customers, let’s talk about market competitors. You can’t earn a lot of clients and money without beating your competitor and to beat your competitor, it is important to know where he and his product is standing? What he has got but you lack? You can check these metrics by seeing the benchmark tab. GA has your data and the data of other websites too. So, it will help you recognize your own market values.

The other way to is to check the traffic your website is getting.

6. What Goals Do You Have?

Google Analytics account has an option where you can mention your future goals. And 80% of the population don’t bother writing them. It is made for your future suggestions and recommendations. GA shall recommend you according to your niche and desire. Suppose you give some client stats as a goal to GA, it will daily tell you at what speed you are reaching your goal.

Now you know what is google analytics, why it is necessary and how it works. So, if you don’t have a google analytics account, go and create it and don’t miss any chunk because everything is contributing in the enhancement of your market value.