LinkedIn is a networking platform for the business community. It helps you grow your business by connecting with your customers and all past-current employees. If you know the strategies to grow on linkedIn, you can create the hype of business easily. Even you can get the best new candidates with the help of LinkedIn’s hunt.

1. Find Your Target Market

If you want to find out your target market, you need to know what a target market actually is. Target market is nothing but your potential customer. Suppose you are in the digital marketing business and you are launching a program to market startups in a cheaper way. Your target market will be any other startup. But won’t it be tedious to manually filter out companies that have just started their business? And yes, here LinkedIn is providing ease, you can set your advertisement specifications to be shown to only those having compatible demographics and numerals.

2. Post Quality Content

Social media is the best platform to build public relations. You can create a strong bond with your customers by uploading customer-focused content. One tactic to deal with it is, making blog posts via LinkedIn. Many of the companies have a misconception that blogging with some other platform can raise the traffic there but their own website. But I say if you are uploading on some social network site, you will get more hype. So, start uploading blogs compatible with your audience and enjoy a bigger network. Post your company videos on LinkedIn to entertain your viewers. You can even tell the story of brand or share company achievements.

3. Stay On Customers’ Screen

A company should upload daily on LinkedIn, if not daily, at least two days in a week. Because it will keep the news feed of your customers occupied and won’t let them be attracted to any of your competitors. This page should be as updated as any other social media platform the company has.

4. Upload News And Events

ShaShare your stories with your viewers. Share the events you have organized and enjoyed in the company. This won’t only attract your customers but also attract job finders to become a part of you. You can keep your audience updated by sharing any success news. If you launch a product or win a project, you can always share that with your viewers.

5. Encourage Employees To Connect

Your employees are your asset, encourage them to update their profiles and make them professional and then connect with your LinkedIn page. When you would be sharing any blog or event related to the company, your employees would comment on it and it would leave a positive impact on your network.

6. Create Your LinkedIn Official Group

An official group on LinkedIn helps you win the best prospects. Create your company’s group and then start joining other groups on LinkedIn. This way you can extract your prospect and invite them to your own official group. It is a way to enhance public connections and start a spicy conversation about business. This may help you earn future partners, employees and customers.

7. Deepen Your Connection With CTA

An Oscar winning post is the one that motivates your customer to act, not the one which is static and sits on social media in the hope of being read. Excite your customers by making the most call to action. You can do it by ensuring your availability.

8. Post Sponsored Content

Another way to get the desired spotlight is to make your page sponsored. Sponsorship makes your post appear in the news feed of viewers. Remember one thing, the sponsored content has a very limited time to capture the interest of your reader. The right content can utilize this time effectively. So, first of all develop pro content, then sponsor it and see the magic.


Community still thinks LinkedIn is of no use and whatever they post is just ignored. But it is not true, if you have a strong page on LinkedIn, it makes you look professional and not only would other professionals be attracted to you but you would attract a bigger market to sell your product.