These days we are facing a global crisis of CONVID-19. In order to avoid the ruthless spread of this pandemic, it is appropriate to work from home and avoid social interactions. But the question is; How can you possibly be productive while staying at home with your family and working? Tips must be provided to all professional folks working from home.

1. Don’t Drop Punctuality

As you were punctual going to the office and marking your attendance, you need to be exactly the same, to efficiently complete all your tasks while staying at home. Get online on your official time and start communicating with your employers and colleagues about the days’ tasks. And kick start working on your assignment as you used to do in your office.

2. Create At-Home Office

Psychological research says, productivity of a human being can increase upto 32% if he owns a personalized working space. It may not be possible in the office, but it is definitely possible at home. All you need is to set up a table for yourself and place everything you need there to avoid any distractions. Try to keep it well-organized and clean. Cleanliness is imperative in current circumstances and organization keeps you focused on your work. By practising tidiness you won’t need to untangle everything, every other time.

3. Set Ground Rules With Your Family Members

Family members can be the most distracting people when you are working from home. They won’t take your job seriously, if you are not taking it seriously. What you need to do is, set some ground rules for them. Ask them not to disturb you when you are in your working space until and unless the situation demands your urgent attention. Explain what emergency or urgency looks like to you. And tell them to respect your seclusion in working hours.

4. Avoid Getting Distracted By Social Media

According to a qualitative report of 2020 on; Impact of social media on employees’ productivity, it is clear that social media hampers excellence. It reduces a persons’ creativity by causing physical and mental stress. Physical stress like backache, eye strain and headache. And in mental stress, a person would have to cope with anxiety and jealousy. It leads to lack of concentration and this may eventually cause not meeting deadlines and the fear of failure.

So, it is imperative to log out from every other social media account and to focus on your work. It does not matter whether you are working from home or office, your work is your responsibility.

5. Commit To Work More

Keep your goals high to achieve the average. Maybe there’s no point in saying this. But here, a very worthy lesson can be learned. You set up a to-do-list for your daily tasks. Let’s over-estimate your task completion capacity and add more tasks in the to-do-list. This bigger to-do-list will keep you motivated and at the end of the day, you will be able to see more progress than usual. But if you are already under-estimating, then you are never going to complete even a smaller task list.

6. Take Small Breaks

You probably would have known about the 52 17 rule. This rule says; the most productive people work for 52 minutes and then take a break for 17 minutes. This helps them rejoice their motivation and causes an ultimate increase in creativity and productivity. It is similar to Pomodoro Technique; the one in which you work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. The point to mention all this stuff is that smart breaks are necessary to keep yourself focused. You can choose any of the above techniques you want to adopt and become a brainy person even with loads of work.

7. Save Calls For The Evening

If there are any official calls, go on receive them, immediately. But if it is a hangout call or a gossip call, leave it for the evening, when you would be done with your work and you would have a successfully completed task list in hand.

8. Turn Your Music On

Music boosts brain chemicals. A scientific study has revealed that there is a motivational molecule in the brain that gets excited when a persons’ favourite music is on. So, we can say enhancement in motivation leads to enhanced productivity while working from home. Another advantage of working from home is you can enjoy the louder music without disturbing any co workers sitting next to you.

9. Stay Connected Via Technology

The biggest advantage of working in an office is that you build connections by collaborating with your co-workers. But if you are working home, you may feel cut off by your network. Well, you don’t need to feel that way. We have a lot of technology to stay connected with each other. You can call or text your colleagues to maintain the connection with them. 

10. Pick A Definitive Finishing Time Each Day

If there is a starting time each day, there must be a finishing time too. Don’t let the work creep in your family life. Set up a schedule, like you do have one, for reaching and leaving the office, just work in that schedule and do other activities when it’s not your working time.

To enjoy a successful finishing time, it is imperative to complete your daily tasks. If you keep on lagging behind your schedule, it will eventually spoil your productivity and instead of getting excited about any further tasks, you will get more depressed by an unending task list.