Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel approach that aims to provide seamless experience to its customers while using different mediums. It does not matter whether a customer uses laptop, mobile phone or tablet, he will get a unified and contextual experience. Omnichannel is said to be the future of customer services because it integrates; data, content, technology and communication across an organization. Modern day customers can interact with a company via a variety of platforms. So it has become crucial to automate the omnichannel to ensure the display of the same message on every channel.

How Does Omnichannel Marketing Work?

Omni-channel marketing campaigns rely on three things;

Omnichannel marketing is complex to implement but the effort pays off well.  Following are some strategic points to make the omni-channel advertise and earn abundantly. 

1. Data collection

To make the omnichannel marketing strategy workable, it is highly imperative to stack up information regarding your subscribers. In this way, you will come to know who is doing what on your online shopping center. How many purchases a customer makes daily or weekly by your shopping store and what sort of stuff they used to buy a lot. You can efficiently do this by creating a subscription form that requires customers’ details like phone number and email address. This way you can develop a friendly buyer-seller bond and you can give recommendations to your loyal customers first.  

2. Web Tracking

A user’s contact data is usually not enough because it’s never going to tell you the customers’ behaviour and his preferences in purchasing. You can employ a web tracker. A web tracker is an artificially intelligent agent that captures the customers’ behaviour and his interest, based on his requests, with external data through API integration. When the product of your customers’ interest comes in market with a sale or new packaging, that customer will be the first one to know about it.

An email is sent to the customer about the product update with his subscription ID coded inside the URL. As soon as he clicks the link, his ID, the activity he does on the website and the device he uses, is recorded with the help of cookies. This way you can reach out to more and more customers with relevant offers.

By knowing the customers’ activities and interests you can even enhance average order value and boost your company’s total revenue.

3. Launching Omnichannel Campaigns

For product promotion omni channel campaigns can be launched. You can reach out your customers via different mediums like;

Using these platforms you can contact your customers and tell them about any discounts on, for a particular and relevant product. You can even notify them about the new arrivals or any festival oriented sales.

First of all, by your web tracker, you need to identify which medium is used by your customer the most and then send him the promotional message there. But observing no response, you can send this message to the second medium he uses the most. This way you can prioritize, where the promotional message should be delivered first and after specific intervals of time, how you are going to send it to some other medium.


The key to enhance your business is to be creative and take integrated sources to communicate with your subscribers. Try to know your subscribers in every possible way and facilitate them providing relevant recommendations.