Expansion in online business and marketing has rocketed the demand of graphic designing. A highly selling design needs a lot of research and creativity. For a companys’ logo plenty of research about the company is required. One must get to know about the business of the company and then the logo must be designed. Sometimes, being overwhelmed by knowledge or being pressured by the pile of work, graphic designers can make big mistakes that cause major design failures. 

1. No Requirement Gathering

Whenever a customer rings your bell to get some graphic designing, respond to him with your ears and mind wide open. You may face clients that won’t know what market trends are. And what sort of design would be best suited for them. There would be clients who won’t even know; a specific set of requirements must be given to the graphic designer to get the desired design. It is your duty to extract requirements from your customer and draft a complete report of each and every instruction, the client has given you. You can even create a prototype and show it your customer, if you get a satisfactory response, start making some real designs.

2. Not Leaving The Box

An eye catching graphic needs to be creative. Being a graphic designer, your responsibility is to show your artistic instinct in your design. Many of the designers stick to 3 to 4 ways of creating logos and some ways to create designs for the websites. They think as it has been the highest selling pattern, why change it. But the point is; if you won’t add any newness and creativity inside your design, won’t your customers get bored of it? As you already know what design pattern you are going to choose from your minimal collection of graphics, you would lack browsing and you won’t know what market trends are going these days. Is your design still in the race? In order to avoid it, you have to research before creating any designs and pick up the options and colors compatible with your customers’ taste and business.

3. Too Much Exuberance

Try to use calm and professional colors. I know many people love vibrant colors, but it does not mean everyone would love this much shimmer. Some short tempered people without even seeing what is written on the website, leave it because of the color choice. So, picking up the right colors is necessary. There is no need to tell everyone that your choice is shimmery.

4. Use Of Multiple Fonts

One of the biggest mistakes designers make is; frequent use of different fonts. It may look good on a certain chunk of your design. But if you are following it in every other paragraph or every other design block, this will just disturb the cohesion of the graphic and will create a terrible look.

5. No Proof Reading

No statement looks attractive until it is free of wrong spelling and grammatical errors. What if the design you have created is so elegant, but the content you have written inside, is just spoiling the elegance of your design. You can always avoid this situation by not completely relying on the spell checkers and proofreading every single chunk of your design.

6. Kerning

Kerning is the irregular space between alphabets, it can cause your content to be misread. If you observe this, immediately rectify this mistake by pressing “Alt+Left/Right Arrow” to decrease/increase the space between the alphabets. You can even switch it off for the particular block of writing by setting the character panel to 0.

7. Impatient Clipping

Clipping tool masks the above layers of the selected content, many people get impatient while clipping the content and this causes improper light adjustments or improper coloring on to the selected part. Actually the selected part would be improper and it would affect the whole image.

8. Using Pixel Images

Always use vectors, because they consist of mathematical equations that can grow in four directions. If you are using pixel images, it’s going to devastate your design while editing.

9. Embossing Shadows

Shadowing is old fashioned now. Don’t use it. It gives your design just an immature touch.

10. Use Of Improper Icons

Remember one thing, the icon you are embedding in your design is going to represent a sign of activity. So, choose it wisely and write the matching content with it.

Creating a design is crucial, stay present with all of your senses while making any design, if you are tired, get relaxed, have some break but when it’s time to work always stay focused and search more but don’t paralyze because of the heavy stock of graphics on the internet.