Blogger is an artist that expresses knowledge in his writing that captivates the relevant reader and never lets him get bored. Many people think it is just a fun activity but reality is, it is a proper profession. These days due to a flood of marketing strategies, the importance of blogs are elevated. Content marketing is a term in which blogging is frequently used. A blog is helpful in business or marketing if the blogger is aware of not only the social trends but also his audience.

As we can see blogging has become a crucial element. Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes bloggers make and how you can avoid those.

1. Forgetting Your Niche

If you are a blogger, blogging reflects your interest and you can find plenty of topics interesting. Whenever a blog is written the main focus should be on the topic. Your interest should not make the blog vague, if it is happening, you are in trouble. For example, you are writing a blog on food, you need to stick with it. You just can’t haphazardly start talking about your trip in a food blog and when the whole story of the trip completes, you finally realize, oh! I was writing a food blog. So, in the courtesy of food, you just add a line, “The food was really delicious on the trip.”

You can definitely avoid this problem by setting up a niche and focusing your mind around the scope. If you want to share some sort of personal experience. Try to make it concise and only describe the relevant part.

2. Ignoring User Experience

You can spend a lot of time designing cohesive page design for a blog post. Then, you can add an easily readable text. But one thing that can be neglected by you is; user experience. Maybe your blog post is looking magnificent on your website with the browser you are using but what if somebody uses another browser, would they get the same result? If yes, you are fantastic but if it’s a no, it will definitely shed some of your audience.

Try to follow yourself through every social media platform. And try to read your blog via different browser. Especially through the famous ones, like you can ignore the internet explorer.

3. Using Stiff Writing Style

Don’t adopt a writing style that is hard to understand. Blog is not a novel that requires complex English words to impress the reader. Blog is made for quick guidance or knowledge. The audience may not know the meaning of words you are using, this will make them open a thesaurus every other time, after finding the meaning they have to resume the reading and there we go, another complex word. This will eventually cause the loss of interest in your reader and he will never try to read your blog again.

Use simple language. And engage your audience by directly accosting them.

4. Forgetting To Track The Progress

It is mainly for those who have to write research or analytical blogs and an interview blog with a celebrity. There, a progress check is necessary to keep track of your working pace.

The progress can be tracked by using google tools. These tools record what has been done already. These small achievements of milestones makes you more progressive.

5. Maintaining Quantity Not Quality

Many bloggers think people like to read long writings. No, people love to read concise writing with interesting and knowledgeable content. Quantity is imperative for search engine optimization but this does not mean, you keep on adding material that is irrelevant and causes distraction.

Solution to this problem is that if you are not able to find quality content, don’t add it to your blog because it will simply spoil the creative and quality content of the blog.

6. No Proof Reading

Whenever you are summing up a writing proofreading it is necessary because it is the savior from criticism and audience drop. In a hurry, many bloggers neglect it and then face terrible responses from the readers.

Always take some time to proof read the written content and check. It should not have any conflicts on delicate matters.

7. Inconsistency

Either post daily or set up some time niche to post the blog. The artist works for the audience, if the audience is not getting its entertainment, it will lose interest in the art of the artist and will be engaged by someone else. Blogger is an artist of creative content. So, the same rules apply to you too.

Blogs are created for entertainment and knowledge of those who don’t like to read a lot. So, make it concise and easy, and never let your loyal audience leave you because of your negligence.