Artificial Intelligence is used in almost every aspect of life to ensure ease and accessibility. A huge bulk of data is stored on databases these days and database management systems also need some help to make the process efficient and reliable. To fulfil this very purpose, we have employed AI for database management too.

Overview Of AI Database

An AI database can be called an intelligent database because it interacts with users in such a way that users are only given the relevant information. An intelligent database system manages information, rather than simple data, and presents in such a way that is informative for the users.

“An intelligent database is a full-text database that employs artificial intelligence (AI), interacting with users to ensure that returned items contain the most relevant information possible.”

How Does An Intelligent Database Work?

When you type a searching query on to the search engine, it provides a list of possible words that can come with a phrase, sometimes even if the query is complete, it still keeps on giving relevant query suggestions until and unless the search button is pressed. The search engine example explains the working of AI databases.

When a user is making a query intelligent databases keep on providing research suggestions or keywords based on the frequently made queries. When a query is made it displays the most frequently accessed data or file that is relevant with the context of the query. We can say intelligent databases learn from the previously held activities and produce results accordingly.

There is a link for case studies that will let you understand the clear search difference between traditional databases and intelligent databases.

How We Can Benefit?

A traditional full text database stores keywords and phrases in a reference file. When a user makes a query, it can’t be guaranteed that the results would be relevant for the user. Intelligent databases are expanded and more flexible for running queries. For this reason organizations can work on a really faster pace without making any repetitive requests to the traditional database.

These days organizations have data scientists who explore and analyze data and provide ML models to be used in companies’ applications. Here are certain objectives that can be achieved in development with intelligent database:

Why Does Business Need It?

Every industry has to store a bulk amount of data. If a single entity needs to be retrieved by the traditional database it will become a really hectic job. The traditional database shall display a big pile of information whether it is relevant or irrelevant to the information given. Now it would be a tedious job to cut short the choices and start research again for the most relevant choices. AI databases ensure ease for every task, specially, research and analysis.

AI database In Research

You will always get the most relevant choices without using any technical language. And a stack of most relevant entries would be displayed.

Let us take an example, you want to see those customers’ who have been taking your services for 10 years. You just need to write this simple language into a search bar and all the customers would be displayed. If you were doing it on a traditional database, the query writing would have taken some time and the processing-loading time of a traditional database is really low. And let’s not talk about the time you would waste for relevance checks. In this world, if you keep on working this way, you would lose a small stack of money each time and this will pile up to make a huge loss.

AI database in analysis

Now, you want to find out the seasonal customers’. Let’s say you are a shopping brand and you want to see the list of those customers’ who buy clothes on the starting sale of every season. Now this behaviour can’t be identified in typical ways. A data analyst will need smart algorithms and smart storage to help him identify the list efficiently and that’s how you would be able to make a business strategy in time for seasonal customers.

AI databases can detect many security intrusions quickly and you can take frequent actions in time to prevent any further data breaching. Technology is made for the ease of humanity. You should adapt it otherwise someone else will do it and can use it against you.