Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the content traffic by enhancing quality and quantity. SEO has become necessary to ensure the visibility of a website or the content. Here are special tips for all the bloggers to increase the web traffic by employing SEO.

Meta-Data Description

When you make a search query on the search engine, several website links appear and below the link a small description about the website content is written that is metadata description. Addition of meta-data description is really important on every web page. And it should involve the focus keyword in it. Sometimes, your website appears because of the query word present in meta-data.

Optimized URL

Another rule to increase website traffic is to optimize the URL. What does an optimized URL mean? It means it must not be longer than 87 characters. According to Google; Longer URLs are less important, SEO demands the keyword to be nearer to the main domain. But longer URLs make it difficult. That’s why we can say shorter URLs with focus words nearer to domain names must be used.

Connect With External World

Add links to your text to connect with the external world. It is courteous to give credits and refer to the website or book or any content you have used to make your own content. So, add external links to your website or blog.

Keyword Search

With a suitable keyword you can determine a profitable niche, find the proper market and a well ranking in SEO. There are many tools available that can tell you what sort of keyword must be used to enhance the traffic. Here are 15 best keyword tools shown to be used for keyword research.

Addition Of Positive Or Negative Words In Title

Google loves the content that has positive or negative sentiment in the title and it’s the most widely used search engine. Using positive or negative sentiments inside the title can enhance your SEO ranking and eventually the content traffic.

Speed Up Your Website

According to a research, slow websites can hurt the google rankings. Google’s speed update, down ranks those pages that take lots of time to load on mobile devices. If you are having anything in your page that is causing the website to take plenty of time to load, you need to exclude it.

Check Your Performance Report

You can use google search console tool to catch up your websites’ performance report. Through this tool, you can check the performance of your website, how many clicks or visits your page has got in past days.

SEO performace Check
Update Old Posts

Keep on updating your older pages to make them current. Updation also raises SEO rankings and eventually causes an increase in web traffic. Maybe you can’t create content daily but you can keep your audience engaged by updating your blogs or websites. This way even with no activity days, you can earn huge traffic on your website.

Create Internal Links

Concatenate your current post with some other relevant post of your own. This will create an impact on the reader that you are creating some sort of series and each further addition supports the previous one. Moreover, if the reader can’t understand the concept with a short description displayed on your website, he would have to search through and he may end up going somewhere else, leaving your content.


Is TOC necessary for SEO? Sometimes the content gets too long. To ensure accessibility for the reader or research person, there must be a table of contents used in the blog post. If some research person with lesser time visits your website, he would jump onto the most relevant heading without any need of reading the whole content.

SEO ranking is imperative to earn traffic on a website. Post high quality optimized content and follow all the tips to boost your rankings. There are a lot of online courses available to become an SEO expert, you can watch them too, to get more useful insights.