User Experience (UX) is the result of an individual’s response or perception by the use of any product or service. User experience is important because it focuses on the user’s needs. It has become a separate department in many industries these days and the aim of this department is to suggest techniques that can provide a positive experience to the user and ensure the usability of the product with great ease.

User Experience

Here are some tips to enhance user experience of customers on your website.

1. Embrace White Space

UX designers say white space looks traditional and it does not add any wow factor in their design. White color psychologically creates positive impact for mental maps and eventually enhances the user experience. Moreover, it prominifies the content written upon it and this property attracts every sort of customer even the color blinds. According Crazy Egg, 20% customers are attracted by white space around headings and content blocks.

2. Simplicity

Add creativity with simplicity. Technology is advancing day by day to make our lives simpler. With such a hype of simplicity, if you keep on creating applications or websites with complex interfaces, the users would be shed. Keep it simple and attract the public.

3. Optimize Page Speed

Optimization of speed of all the web pages is imperative. 50% of users would leave the website if the loading time is high. According to my previous blog, this point must be kept in mind for SEO too. SEO makes you visible on search engines but it is your content and UI design that enhances the website traffic. It is the responsibility of UX designers to analyze the fetching and loading time of a website for a better user experience.

4. Paper Model

Even in the modern era of technology, to brainstorm ideas and to figure out necessities of a design while sitting in a meeting, paper modeling has no competitor. Grab a pen and paper and scribble dOwn your thoughts on it. After this try to creatively plot your thoughts onto the paper. Show it to your colleagues, take suggestions and change it. This rough draft can be used to make a prototype for the original design.

user experience paper prototyping
5. Right UX Design Tool

Prototyping is a separate step of the design process. Several tools are available on the internet to create elegant prototypes of applications and websites. These prototypes provide a finished look of your design and mark a lot about user experience with just a dummy. The tools have design samples based on the user research, you can trust them.

Here is the link to UX design tools. You can pick up any and start working on your designs’ prototype.

6. Use Attractive Calls To Action

For the best user experience you can embed the button of calls to action. “Calls to action” buttons have a very strong hype these days. This is a way of marketing too as it uges the customer to perform the activity that is favourable for your business enhancement too.

user experience call to action

These buttons create an impact that your team is active and supportive towards the customer.

7. Be Responsive And Mobile Friendly

Make all the web pages responsive to make the user observe the same user experience on every platform. Remember! desktop experience should not differ from the mobile experience.

Recently, Google has started penalizing those websites that are not mobile friendly. If you fail to make a user friendly website even SEO rankings won’t be accomplished.

8. Catch 404 Errors

Google may not punish you for your 404 pages but the customer will hate it. Keep yourself in the users’ shoes, how would you react when you get a response of 404 pages while clicking on a beautiful picture or a relevant link? Won’t you leave the website immediately? Same occurs when your user sees your 404 page, he will immediately leave your website. And may he never come again.

user experince, 404 error

There are 404 checkers available on the internet, you can use them to catch up any 404 page.

9. Include Feedback Point

How feedback can be helpful in user experience? User feedback will highlight areas of improvement but not every user has a time to write you long feedbacks or not everyone likes to write any longer or shorter feedback for your betterment. Here is a quick and fascinating way of taking public opinion; use hover, slider and choice buttons. The user will have to simply move his hand in some direction to provide details about his user experience. You can even use animated emojis to take the feedback.


I hope all these tips would be really helpful for all the user experience designers. Go and make your customers happy, and see your remarkable business growth.