Augmented Reality is an enhancement of objects that reside in the real world by computer generated perceptual information. AR is a luxury technology that blends the real and virtual objects, creates their real time interaction and manages the accurate 3D registration. You all remember the famous game of 2016, Pokemon Go? That can be the most ordinary example of augmented reality.

augmented reality

There are so many others in medical, navigation and military, a whole new blog would be required for their coverage.

augmented reality

Well, if AR is working in so many aspects, what miracles it is causing in the marketing arena in 2020, let’s see.

These days digital marketing is at the peak of all marketing types because there are about 4.5 billion internet users world wide. The fancy applications installed in the phone have caught our interest so much that we forget to see in our surroundings, that is why the most effective way of advertisement is online marketing. If digital marketing is applied augmented reality can be proved really beneficial for advertisement. Statista forecasts that AR market size worldwide will increase from 3.5 billion in 2017 to more than 198 billion in 2025.

Augmented Reality Tools For Marketers

Web Based AR

AR experience was limited to mobile applications till now, but in 2020, we are having webAR. A github code is available to implement web based AR. And it is instructed to the developers that they should add the code during the creation of websites to facilitate their users. You can take more information from this link.

augmented reality web

This technique can be really helpful for startups too. If you have just started a business and you have no budget to develop your mobile application, you can simply add this feature to your website and make your users experience augmented reality.

The other benefits of this are as follows:

Indoor Navigation AR

Indoor navigation augmented reality would work just like maps of shopping stores and hospitals. It will provide the direction inside the mall. This can also help in finding out the sale points inside bigger malls. Marketers can also display their new arrivals with this new technology.

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Some of the benefits include:

Display all your advertisements into the pop ups of indoor navigation AR and attract a huge crowd of customers with low budget.

Ways To Use AR Tools In Marketing

Here are some ways you can try to facilitate your customers via AR.

Let Them Try Before They Buy

Customers would like to check whether your product looks fine on them or not. Augmented reality will help you in this regard. If you are a makeup brand, let your customers satisfy themselves by trying your makeup.

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The clothing brands should be aware that women especially need total satisfaction of color and dress size. So, augmented reality models should be available at your shopping point.

augmented reality
Augment Advertising Materials

Give your advertising material a smart touch with augmented reality. Users can scan your business cards and brochures with AR tools.

If you are an architect or a property vendor, your 2D brochure or paper design can be seen in 3D with the help of augmented reality. If the user keeps his camera in the right spot he shall be able to get a realistic view of 2D objects placed on the piece of paper.

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An AR based business card would represent and highlight a variety of contacting sites. The customer can pick up the contacting point he likes and with a single touch he will reach you.

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Augmented reality is going to be a big revolution in marketing. Try to strategise smartly because you are going to deal with smarter technology and smarter markets.