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Web hosting is a type of internet hosting that allows organizations to make their websites available worldwide. Web hosting companies serve their customer by lending spacial technology and ensures the accessibility of their websites.

Daily to daily advancing trends would have set some trends for web hosting too. Let’s discuss those.

Green Web Hosting

Web hosting companies consume huge amount of energy to power the systems that are serving for websites. Their cooling and security systems also require excessive electrical energy that is not beneficial for the environment. Green web hosting as the name suggests, is the type of web hosting that is environment friendly.

web hosting
How Does Green Web Hosting Works?

There is no rocket science involved in implementing green web hosting. All the companies need to do is use renewable energy resources to power up their web hosting houses. A renewable energy certificate(REC) or carbon offset certificate(VER) must be purchased by the companies to certify that they are assisting in generating renewable energy resources.

Cloud Hosting

In this type of hosting a cluster of servers is formed that provides hosting facilities to balance the server load and maximize uptime. This way you can reserve many places in the whole clutser that appears to be more space than a single server.

Reasons To Use Cloud Computing
DIY Website Builders

It is new trend to provide tools to the customers for website creation so that they can buy the hosting services of the company by manufacturing their own business website without any deep coding knowledge.

Web hosting

DIY website builders must be given by the web hosting company. Okay! But why? How it would benefit the cutsomer:

These properties will surely attract the customers who are about to start their business or about to make their business online.

Hosting Security Protocols

Due to the expansion of internet facility and electronic gadgets, cyber crime has become a bigger issue. Addition of security and protection in the only way to prevent any damage.

Here are some following things a web host should provide to its customers:

Targeting The Market

It is an extra feature in website hosting domain. Many of you even think how it would be a matter of concern for web hosts. It is trend these days to provide SEO services and digital marketing services to the websites of customers. You can hire a marketing experts that can provide digital marketing services for your customr by searching their competitors and target audience. An SEO team should be hired to facilitate the customers with search engine optimization.

Hosting With SSDs

Hard disk drives are getting expired because their speed can’t cope with the required speed of the website. So, it is beneficial to install SSDs i.e. solid state disks taht are efficient and can match the needed speed of the web host.

A study has revealed that SSDs are highly reliable than HDDs and the benchmark figure for HDDs failure is; 3.5 out of 100 whereas SSDs is 0.5/100.

Perks Of Using SSD

Here are some perks of using the SSDs in web hosting. They may be expensive than HDDs but the price is worth expending.