Social media

Social media has become a crucial part of today’s life. People spend most of their leisure time surfing and scrolling through the social sites. Where it has some hazardous effects on health and family life, there it has promoted a fashion of digital marketing. Daily, many of the startups are initiated and a lot of business pages are created all over the social sites. In this tough competition how would your brand stay alive? How would your product stand at the top?

These are some questions that must be answered immediately for a successful social media campaign and making your business alive. 

Let’s Make It Fresh On Social Media

Sometimes social media managers can get exhausted about the plenty of advertisements they have to do on public pages and they can’t figure out the post of the day. Well, don’t need to worry about the brand new post, you can take out an old post of yours that does not reach the required rank, edit it by observing the global trends and then see the magic. People would surely like and share your post. And that’s how your brand would never die in the minds of your customers.

Be a Storyteller

Storytelling has become a new trend on social sites. People like to view interesting and spicy life experiences of others. Some people even like posts that have struggle stories. You can create a success story of your brand or you can share the struggle story of the CEO. It won’t only give motivation to the employees but also create a positive social impact of your brand. The image pinned below is the best visual description of a systematic way to share stories on social media. 

Pay Attention To Trends

It is the tread of our new generation that they love to watch and share a type of content that has a viral context. You can create memes with the help of your graphic designers to participate in the spread of that issue or awareness.


These days COVID-19 has taken over social media. In this kind of condition, the best practice can be to share awareness posters on social sites. You can share employee collages who are working from home respecting the social distancing rule. As of these days everybody is appreciating doctors, nurses, janitors, policemen and the army for controlling the public to spread coronavirus. An appreciation post can be created by the brand.

Use Hashtags

These days youngsters are highlighting their accomplishments via hashtagging and they prefer the posts that have hashtags in the writing section. If you have successfully delivered something that you want to share on social media you should add up hashtags in it. In the context of above example hashtags like #corona #virus #awareness #campaign.

social media
Give Your Logo A Makeover

Stronger and faster emotional connections can be made when visuals are added inside the posts. For a company there are very few things that can volunteer to create such impact as your logo. Many brands don’t like to redo their logo but a minor change can be employed to give your brand logo a new look without compromising the integrity of your brand.


Disney has changed its logo many times since 1995 but we all know it when it appears on the screen. A slightest change can even give the image of your flexibility and frequent adoption towards newness.

Do You Know Phrase

Do you know is the phrase that makes the audience think that something geeky is about to come. It can be geeky but you can share something really humorous to make your audience laugh. What bad is some fun in a boring life? 

But don’t adopt it as a habit. With this phrase you can post short informative writings frequently but when you observe that your audience is getting bored, catch them with some humor.

Social media is the best influence for your customers. You need to manage it properly to create a better image and to earn better pace of growth.

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