Blockchain is a very intriguing topic these days. If you surf through the internet, plenty of topics can be found on blockchain and a lot of courses are provided by educational platforms to learn the implementation of blockchain. Doesn’t it make you think why the world is going crazy about this latest technology? And what are the areas in which blockchain can be proven helpful. 

Well, it gives facility in every other field of life and in the most essential component of marketing i.e digital marketing.

Today, the main focus of discussion would remain; the role of blockchain in digital marketing as this is something that every other businessman should learn. 

Elimination of middlemen

Middleman is the company that buys product from the producer and sells it to the customers on profit. Middleman is like a commission person who causes linkage between producers and consumers.In the age of blockchain, the producers can obsolete the middleman and sell their product on their own without sharing any profit.


Let’s take an example for better understanding; Before the age of the blockchain, an intermediary person was required to record every transaction that happened between a buyer and seller on his computer or his handwritten ledger by taking some fraction of money being transacted. But with the growth of blockchain, there is no more need for a middleman. Because it creates the copies of any transactional changes in all of its blocks automatically and with ultimate security. 

Magnified Branding

Adoption of blockchain in this hour can automatically magnify the image of a brand because a company that embraces emerging technologies is considered edgy and competitive. Especially if you are in the IT industry you should always try to encourage your team to learn and adapt new technologies. A display of blockchain and  IoT attracts the customer sharply. Even the job seekers would consider you an IT giant. Moreover, 90% of the population loves to learn anything that is something beyond their concept, blockchain has a hype like that. If you are able to attract more job seekers with some geeky interests, you will be able to expand with more efficient solutions.


Consumers like to invest in sustainable products. Blockchain comes with the assurance of sustainability as it tracks and keeps the record of the product’s origin from farms to the factories and from factories to the store routes. You can take more information by reading this blog.

Transparency builds trust, if your brand is providing the whole supply chain details, that means you like to build a bond with your customers with nothing hidden. This trust building can even cause the marketing of  your brand with the world of mouth.

Ownership Of Digital Assets With Blockchain

These days artists have been paying intermediaries like youTube, facebook and other platforms to upload their content and to reach the public. But as we discussed above blockchain is obsoleting intermediaries, now-a-days products are made with the support of blockchain technology that does not require any amount from artists per stream. The artist can directly sell its videos, music and any content directly by recommendations. TAO is an example of the scenario written here.

Tokenization Of Digital Assets

To provide direct ownership to the tokenization is done and further is the explanation of its working. The tokenization of assets refers to the process of issuing a blockchain token (specifically, a security token) that digitally represents a real tradable asset.

Quality Influencer

These days influencers are involved inside the marketing campaigns, nobody knows whether these influencers have real followers or they have just bots. With the advancement in blockchain technology, any user will be able to see how much human followers an influencer has got. It will just leave the quality influencers in the market.


These scenarios are described in ideal cases. Many of the projects described here are still under construction. No need to get the hypertension of lagging behind. But utilize this emerging era to emerge with it.