Whenever a project is uploaded on the freelancing site by the owner, bidders and freelancers bid on to the projects to win it. Freelancing marketplaces are really crammed with people who are expert in displaying the proficiency of their hard skills with such an amalgam of beautiful words that their proposal can’t be rejected. Many companies have hired professional business developers who know persuasive vocabulary to win the project. In this vigorous competition it is necessary to dig up some bidding rules to win the project.

How To Make Your Bid Stand Out?

Project bidding is not complex, the process of making it stand out adds complexity. Let’s discuss some of the ways that can help your bid beat the competition.

Perceive The Specification

Read carefully to perceive the specifications of the project. You should know what you are bidding for. Because if you don’t know the requirements of the project, how would you offer your services properly in the proposal. And if you won;t showcase your suggestions and services inside the proposal, the employer would reject it by simply skimming. He would get a feeling that may be his job was the least interesting and you never paid attention to his writing. If you are not serious and sincere while bidding what good can be expected from you. 

Never Ignore The Questions

Many business developers and freelancers create an eloquent proposal that is able to stand out in the crowd. But leave the questions part blank. Actually, whenever a job is posted people rush to make the best proposal and induce all of their energies while creating and proofreading and when they move to the questions section. Some of the questions often relate to the situation that is already discussed inside the proposal. So, to avoid content redundancy, they leave it thinking who would read the answers to those. 

But the reality is contrary, the answers to those questions are read first. The job author gets the idea of your skills and interest by looking at the questions. If you will ignore the employers questions, he is going to throw your proposal like this:

Don’t Overwhelm The Employer With Too Much Information

Be specific. Don’t try to include every skill and experience inside the proposal. The reader will get bored and he will never hire you. Like the project is displayed on PHP, try to share the experiences with PHP, there is no need to include any other programming language inside the experience section.

However, if there is some new technology concatenating the one whom you are experienced with, then you can add up your skill that you have learned within no time and you can say, I can learn it and implement it.

Showcase The Testimonials

If you are not new to a freelancing site, you would have worked on several projects in the past and the customers would have provided you reviews according to the credibility of your services. Never hide them. Show them to other employers, these make your profile unique in the eyes of the employers and they will consider to hire you. If you keep on hiding the testimonials, employers can think that you are devious and you are not your terrific disasters. 

Exhibit Your Portfolio

For bloggers and designers this is the most important point. Showcase your best projects on the portfolio. Some employers have demanded a portfolio in the job descriptions, never ever forget to attach it. This way employers get a chance to know how critically you can think or design.

Don’t Walk Over The Guarantee Policy

Consider yourself as a buyer, have you ever bought anything in your life without the guarantee? Employers who are posting jobs are also human beings. They need the satisfaction that at the end their investment won’t be a wreckage. So, always add the guarantee policy inside your bid.

Sponsored Bid

You can make a ruling bid by spending less than 1USD. The employers firstly see the sponsored bids. If you don’t want to spend money, you can bargain with some other company to provide them your minimal services in exchange for the sponsorship. Like you can advertise the product of that company and in return the company can sponsor you.

It is the convention that people always observe and pick the highlighted thing. The same tradition is followed while giving the jobs. So, making an outstanding proposal and profile is the only thing you can do to get the attention of the employer.