quantum computing

Quantum computing is the use of quantum mechanics for computing purposes. The quantum computer usually transact with RSA encryption and have the capacity to resolve many computational problems at a faster rate.

Modern computers are advancing and they are reaching the limits of their speeds that they can offer. This has provoked a hope for quantum computing to resolve many serious issues that can not be solved with normal pace.

The CEO of D-Waves Systems, a company that produced the first quantum computers, says that these computers are specially designed and they have a short range of environmental restrictions. These computers are made to operate even at -273 kelvin that can be the coldest temperature on this planet. According to the CEO quantum computing is collaborating in following fields:

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3 Problems That Quantum Computing Will Address In 2020

Here are some problems that fast paced quantum computers are ready to address.

Drug Research And Development

To make a brand new drug and medicine, chemists have to perform a series of experiments to ensure the quality, potency and environmental conditions. These testing and experimenting series consume decades for completion and the disease remains untreated. Quantum computing has the tendency to give cost effective results within reduced time because of high computational powers. Less human resources would be required to perform a single testing experiment. Quantum computers will change variables and keep on producing results. 

quantum computing
Exponential Data Analysis

Due to internet access world wide the rate of data collection is quite fast but the rate of processing and analysing big data is quite negligible if compared with the data collection.

Fortunately, scientists of MIT and Google are partnered to mathematically demonstrate the ways in which supervised machine learning when paired with quantum computing can cause the data analysis at an exponential pace.

Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chain logistics is to figure out the best routes for the travelling of goods from suppliers to the market. Trying to identify the most efficient routes in terms of time and cost has been hard for mankind. As quantum is the name of complex computation so quantum technology will be employed to perform efficient supply chain logistics.