working remotely

Working remotely from home has become obligatory in the pandemic crisis. A big change in daily routine can be observed during the serious lockdown. People who were habitual of going out are stuck in their home. All working staff that used to work and chatter together has been scattered and restricted to the houses. We even get tired of our daily meet up with friends and working routines so, how come don’t get bored by this prolonged seclusion? Researchers have revealed that quarantine can give birth to serious mental crises. And the infected mental health would surely refuse to work with enthusiasm and the productivity of the whole team would decline.

Let’s Discuss Some Hacks To Rejuvenate Ourselves While Working Remotely

Coronavirus is making the situation worse day by day. And there is no confirmation of the end of lockdown. So, are we going to alleviate our productivity with the passage of every single day? I think we should take some steps to elevate our energy and boost our morals.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to react by managing your emotions in different situations. Emotional calibre makes you a good team player. Psychologists have claimed that people who lack self-awareness are more prone to boredom. Because they won’t know what sort of emotions are rising in their minds and how they can cope with them. What can provoked by higher EQ is shown in the picture below:

Developing your emotional intelligence will help you to be more assertive to implement more changes. You can practice these tips to enhance your emotional intelligence. 

Keep Yourselves In Touch

You are prohibited to make physical contact but digital contact is not prohibited. Never cut off yourself from other team members. While having a biscuit break you can always have a chit chat with your team members at work.

Change Your Physical Environment

Sometimes sitting at the same working desk can cause boredom too. Try to change your physical environment. Maybe you can pick up some other parts of the house for a few days or you can change the decoration of the same working space in your spare time. Walk around, don’t lock yourself in the fluorescence of lights, you can strive to the porch, see some sunlight and can go in again to start your daily working.

What Teams Can Do To Improve Productivity?

Every team member is important to contribute to productivity. That’s why we can say the team should also take some healthy efforts to comfort their boredom.

Have A Tea Party On Zoom

Peers miss the titbit of tea times the most while working remotely. So, in the break hours everybody can grab his/her own cup and enjoy a tea party at zoom.

Arrange Progress Meetings

Digital communication is a little bit difficult when conflict and problem arouse. Sometimes we are not to convey the issue in an appropriate way. So, it is healthy to arrange progress meetings weekly on the video call. Everybody can be given a chance to present his/her issues and the casual chit chat can go side by side.

What Managers Can Do?

Managers are team leaders. Being a leader a greater responsibility resides on their shoulders. They have to keep the teams motivated to produce fruitful results. That’s what team leads can do to prevent boredom:

Organizing A Formal Day

You can pick up one day of the week and that day, you can arrange a meeting of an hour to check the progress, resolve the issues and to brainstorm the ideas to remove a conflict. In that meeting everybody should dress up professionally. And the interactive session should be dealt humorously.

Arranging Competitions

There are many online games, teams would love to play. You can organize a gaming competition among the teams. This will rejuvenate their morals and keep them motivated towards the job.

Productivity is the key to success. And it is eaten by boredom just like wood is eaten by termites. Measures must be taken to improve productivity while respecting the orders of the government for social distancing. If you want to know; what factors can assist you to work remotely, see my blog.