software testing

Software testing is the process to evaluate the functionality of the software with an intent to find whether the developed software meets the desired requirements and is bug free to be ready for the development. There are many types of software testing, if you want to dive deep consider this blog.

As the world is advancing, we are adopting new ways of doing everything. Software testing and quality assurance is another imperative step of the software development life cycle that is often neglected. Here are some trends in software testing for 2020 that must be adopted to ensure the quality of softwares.

AI And ML In Software Testing

2020 is the year of AI and ML. Starting from requirement gathering to designing and designing to implementing, AI can be adopted for efficient working. If 3/4 of the cycle utilizes AI and ML why not the testing part.

Over 2019, quality assurance teams have been using AI for the detection of test objects and prioritization of test cases. In 2020, AI is expected to perform in the following areas:

Test Automation In Agile Teams

These days more businesses are adopting DevOps and Agile software development techniques. So, quality assurance has to be fastened up to keep pace with the working speed of agile software development.

Test automation is expected in 2020 in the agile team. If the testing is automated what would QA practitioners and testing solution providers do?

Testing BigData

Big data is playing a key role in the development of business and marketing strategies in the corporate sector these days. Big data means huge volumes of data and information So, a lot of cost and time is required to analyse it properly for fruitful results. But what if the data is not accurate or correct, all the time and cost invested on the processing and preparing phase would be just a waste. To avoid this drastic situation big data is tested. precise validations are also applied on data filling points to avoid in taking any wrong data.

Big data testing would also rule the testing teams as big data has become the essential part of business planning.

IoT Testing

The invasion of IoT devices was already prominent in 2019. Now in 2020, there’s going to be an explosion of such devices. According to Gartner there would 21 billion IoT devices across the world.

The installation of these devices all over the world means testing would be required for these devices too. IoT testing means assuring the security, trust worthiness, ease of use and compatibility of protocols.

There is a lot that comes under the umbrella of IoT testing and if you want to know about the challenges and tools of this kind of testing, you can read here more.

Cyber Security And Risk Compliance

The digital revolution has come with a lot of security hazards. It has become the top most priority of software companies to ensure the security of applications, softwares and networks to avoid any data breaching.

Software development teams would have to work with testing teams and QAs to develop a threat resilient and reliable system.


QAOps refers to maintaining software quality by approaching it with a DevOps mindset. QAOps aims at improving the software delivery process, making it faster and stable without compromising on the quality of your website or web application. Technically speaking, a QAOps framework integrates the QA processes into the software operation to make a more seamless and integrated software operational model.

QAOps can be applied in all large and medium industries. The best example of QAOps is facebook.