Mobile app design has captured the interest of many software development industries. And the reason is the availability of mobile devices everywhere. These gadgets are encouraging the usage of mobile applications. Flurry Analytics has stated that about 90% of the user’s mobile time is spent on applications. Eventually, software industries are concerned about the design and development of a variety of mobile applications.

Whenever we are talking about mobile application design, we are scrutinizing both user interface(UI) and user experience(UX). App design encompasses the overall design. It includes application colors, scheme, layouts and typography.

How To Create Mobile App Design?

Now let’s discuss the process through which an eloquent and market competitive design can be created.

Write Down Your Goals

Initiating any new project requires a set of vivid milestones. Goals sketch a boundary line around the project. You have to achieve the border line for the completion, no more no less is acceptable.

If you have an idea in your mind to create any mobile application. Write down all the project necessities, determine your goals and research whether your goals are realistic. If the goal you have set is not achievable it can cause a wastage of time and cost investment.

Select A Platform

After writing down the goals, you need to choose the operating system for which you will be creating your application. The selection of android or iOS totally depends upon the idea and the reason of creation of the application.

Each OS has its design language, you need to follow the design guidelines of that particular platform.

Illustrate Your Ideas

Now it’s time to visualize your idea. Create appealing and relevant visual illustrations of your application. You can start off by the architecture of the application. This can help you envision logic and structure of the functionality.

The next step would be wireframing. Wireframing typically shows:

Wireframes communicate visual ideas that assist the process of development.

Add The Visual Aspect

Visually Appealing designs invite the customers to use the app. If the design is old-fashioned or has jazzy colors many of the users would not like to use it.

A good sense of color schema with an elegant layout doesn’t overwhelm the user with its haphazard shimmer but creates a calm effect in his mind, eventually enhancing the user experience. This will boost the rating of your application

A few tips to create a visually appealing design:

Create A Prototype

Now the design team is required to create a prototype that is a minimal viable product. It allows the designers to scrutinize every aspect and feature of the application inexpensively.

Develop a click-through prototype for users and collect feedback. Test the prototype to identify if any changes need to be made.

Initially, prototypes are tested within the team and other departments. Then, a sample group of users is also brought in.

Follow the tips to draw out the structure of your designs to make them appealing and attractive.