The information technology industry is highly fast and complex. Things are changing day by day, technology is replaced by some other advanced gadget or software. And now 2020 has dawned with big changes with the world ruled with automation, blockchain, and IoT. This frequent advancement has created several challenges for the development of software.

Major Challenges Of 2020

Here are some major challenges software development industries will face in 2020 or beyond.

Rapid Advancement And Limited Time

As said earlier IT is a very dynamic field. If today some technology is the apple of the market the next day it would vanish like it never appeared here. All the hard work-induced for implementation like hiring an experienced person, training of employees, and cost and time investment all gone wasted? And during the project creation, if some other advancement has taken over the market, the customer would insist to add it and there another structural and scope problem would be faced.

Management Of Resources

Every advancement in technology is considered as a blessing for the whole world because it comes with an ease of operation. But how to cope with rapid advancement? How to manage financial and human resources to deal embed the functionality of that advanced technology inside the product.

Increasing Customer Demands

If the customer is conscious of all the market trends. He would constantly demand the addition of new features inside the project. Creating an entirely new feature by embracing the newest development software in a huge move and let’s talk about integration, concatenation of this unique feature with less unique, keeping in mind the whole story of good interface and better UX, would produce what kind of results, nobody is certain.

Talent Acquisition

Acquiring the right talent for an industry is a hectic and tedious job. t is really difficult to analyze the skills of a person with a single-paged resume and an interview. Many of the companies use hard screening process to hire new people. They usually focus on the hard skills of the talent they are acquiring neglecting all the soft skills. A person who is good for the dynamic environment is the one that can accept and adopt the change. It has been seen that this sort of nature lacks in those who are filled with massive hard skills.

So, it is imperative to analyze the nature of a person. If the person is interested in many things and he looks up to explore every new advancement, that’s the kind of person you want for your company.

Conflicts with software testing teams

It is said that a development team and a testing team can never be friends. This does not mean they are killing enemies, it means they have substantive conflicts. Whenever a trendy technology is adopted, everyone is new to its exposure, everybody would have a separate opinion or a point of view to tackle a situation. Those teams that were already difficult to sit at the table of compromise became more complex to be manageable when always occurring change steps in.

To get the desired success in the software industry that is dynamic and always changing, a complete roadmap must be given to the teams that they have to follow. And there must be a space to manage changes and risks in the schedules.

Implementing software development best practices could help resolve these issues. Introducing a DevOps team to handle the testing-development crisis, adopting Cloud for seamless network and infrastructure and constantly enhancing the technical knowledge of your software development teams could help you overcome some of these major challenges and establish a good position in the market of softwares.