Gamification is the process of using game design elements and principles in non-game contexts. It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements.

Gamification In Marketing

Creativity is the key to success in marketing. Marketers have to develop engaging strategies that can create a long-term and sentimental bond with customers. Gamification has become an awesome technique for successful digital marketing campaigns. Gaming techniques like, organizing competitions, ranking lists, scoring systems, and incentives—are used to attract customers to build brand loyalty, create connections, and giving customers a reason to keep returning to the brand and purchase products.

Objectives Of Gamification


These days everyone is free because pandemic has quarantined everyone. Google has pinned several animations on intriguing animations on its title. When you click to watch them, there appears an interesting video and then there are sundry gaming options. People can kill their time in exhausting quarantine by playing games and fulfilling their time niche of 20%.


Tips To Use Gamification For Successful Marketing Campaigns

Here are some tips for successful marketing campaigns via gamification.

Have A Plan

Planning is the first step to initiate anything. You want to devise a gaming carnival without having any plan? Well, it’s going to fail. As we are not here to discuss failure; you need to understand your business goals at first and how you can achieve them via this gaming event.


If you are doing an online business and you want repaet customers and visit, you can upload a fortune wheel on to your website and let people spin it. They will get rewarded by the wheel and they will surely love to visit your website again and again.

Know Your Customers

If you are organizing a game competition for people who are beyond 40 the game must be simple and should match their technical niche. Millennials on the other hand would expect a more quality game. They would like to have a vigorous competition with adult animations. Gender also makes a difference with the product you are offering.

Be Unique

Don’t fear to spend a good amount of fortue on the event of gamification because it is going to pay back. Using the elements and requirements of successful gamification, you can come up with fun and new ideas without breaking the bank.

If your particular product or services can be deemed necessary, but dull, there are ways to make it fun. Creating savings plans through financial institutions can be made much more enjoyable with badges and progress status.

Keep It Simple

If you are creating a game that is complex and highly technical to show off your skills and guts. Nobody cares about that in the game time. Everyone wants to play and to win. If the game is complex, the customer may felt humiliated or he may think that the complexity has raised because so the company wouldn’t have to expend anything for rewards.

Offer Rewards

Always offer rewards to the winners. It can be digital coins, points, or badges. You can even provide them a ticket which they can claim to get your free services for one time.

Augmented Reality (AR) is part of our everyday lives now.  It can be a very fun and enjoyable way to get customers to see themselves in your product.  

Following these tips, you can boost your sales by 60%. All you need to do is, get your customer data rightly, devise a plan, create the game, and here we go with the game carnival. To do this more often you can upload small games on your website and mobile applications.