Artificial Intelligence(AI) based chatbots are not new, they have been introduced in the market since the 1960s. Then why everybody is excited about these now. In our age customers and visitors are scrutinizing the services of an industry via customer experience. The better the UX, the more is customer loyalty. AI chatbots are the par of UX because they are not only fun to use but they also provide instant services that everyone likes because it makes us feel valued.

Chatbots Are The New Face Of Customer Support

It may be written on the customer service portals, “We are available 24/7.” But they can not be available round the clock. Obviously, they are human beings, they need sleep and food. What good will happen if the chatbot generates a message every time a customer sends a support request and tells the customer that his request is captured and a support executive will be given to him within this much time. In this way, the customer will not have to wait and worry about the acceptance of his request at the receiving end.

You can also train your chatbot to answer basic questions. It will be time savior too.

Employee Satisfaction

It is imperative and beneficial to employ chatbots and AI at the front face of the company to deal with customer requests. But you can ease your employees by installing chatbots infrastructure for internal purposes too. Suppose an employee wants to communicate with the HR department or the technical department, he/she will send the request and the chatbot can entertain the basic queries or can tell him/her how long it’s going to take for a human to entertain his queries. Employees would feel valued and they would talk about their job, they will surely going to add the exciting experiences you are giving them and again how it’s going to benefit you? Branding, branding, branding!

Cost Reduction

Chatbots help in reducing the costs by decreasing the manpower required for support purposes. It can be either the customer support or the employee support. If your chatbots can learn with the asked queries that is wonderful because they will be to answer those queries as well. When any human would respond to any query of the customer the chatbot can start learning by matching questions and answers from both ends. A study has revealed that about 30% of the overall operational cost can be reduced by employing chatbots.

Personalized Service

Personalized service of the virtual assistants have urged the marketers to use them to engage the customer where he/ she likes to be online. Chatbots can work on several digital channels, they can the customer on the social site where he feels comfortable and communicate through. These chatbots have also ensured the delivery of pleasant and personalized industry-specific services, and major service niches are now successfully drifting off to eBots.

Stimulate Self Service

When the chatbots answer the queries of the questions the customer feels like he has resolved the problem on his own. And he shall feel that he has achieved something. Moreover, the chatbot can never get angry, so it will provide a human-like experience while chatting and shall give relevant suggestions. In return your online engagement will increase, people will like to take advantage of your services and they will talk about it too. This will publicize your brand with the words of mouth too.

These days market is brewing chatbots with live chat support services via an automated system. Businesses are integrating their channels with automated chatbots for frequent customer engagement. It has been said that about 33% of the industries will employ chatbots to promote their brand image in 2020. It seems like inducing chatbots would become a new trend, so if you don’t want to lag behind, invest in it too.