DevBunch is not coming slow amidst Covid-19. 2020 dawned with a new pandemic crisis for the world. This all started from China and it keeps on spreading and reached Pakistan in February and froze every activity and business here. These days we are not only facing the pandemic but the financial crisis is on their way too. You cannot judge the moods when the circumstances are smooth but the reaction of harsh conditions tells every to you.

How DevBunch has tackled the threatening virus?

The most appreciable step a company or employer can take is to hire the unemployed and give them jobs and take the financial problems off their shoulders. It has been 3 months since the lockdown has occurred and DevBunch has 6 new employees by analyzing their skills. Many employers are shedding their employees due to lacking business and industrial work. Many of them cutting the salaries of employees for working from home regardless of their billion rupees companies. But DevBunch understood that if the upper business class is facing problems show the employee class with unemployment and a lesser salary. Every employee is retained and there is no deficiency in their income.

Work from home facility

This pandemic had caused a complete quarantine in March to April and May started with a decent relaxation in lockdown. Many of the companies who have been feasibly working from home started calling the employees to give the joining irrespective of the conveyance issues as public transport was not available at that moment. DevBunch on the other never insisted to join the office. Only a few members were called who had to work and collaborate in a team, by keeping in view their ease.

Facilities For Office Joiners

A whole SOP has been given by the government before opening the lockdown. All the companies need to operate by keeping in mind the SOP and precautionary measures. Then the government announced the penalty for those who are not wearing any masks. To lift the pressure of declining masks and hand sanitizer, DevBunch arranged bottles of hand sanitizers for its employees and gave them face masks so they would be safe and sound.

Free Wifi facility is given to the employees they can connect their all devices with it.

Moreover, DevBunch has been promulgating precautionary articles via social media because it thinks we as a nation have a responsibility to protect each other. We can not physically rescue everyone but we can secure our team and for others the least we can do is, spread awareness. The situation has gone worse with the increasing cases but together we can fight it.

DevBunch says;
Don’t shake hands but combine the efforts of your minds to fight this pandemic.