Conversational AI refers to those instruments and platforms that can communicate via writing or speaking. Any chatbot or robot we see in our daily life is the example of conversational AI.


From the daily examples, we can say Siri is the conversational AI agent. As it can communicate with you and take your commands to respond accordingly. We can say it is a robotic assistant of human beings.

These days the world is suffering through health and financial issues. People are scared of the pandemic and they are locked to their houses to keep them safe from getting the virus. It has given rise to the culture of remote working. As people are not communicating physically and they are not present in a limited building, this long-distance communication and transaction has aroused certain issues and shed light on the areas of improvement.

It’s been predicted that there are many pandemic in a row that can occur and attack in a few years. This means the companies would have to plan a strategy that can make them stand out if any of this situation happens again.

How companies with conversational AI stand out?

A recent study has shown that there is arow of pandemics that will be affectinv the world in a few years. This highlights that the companies should have a policy to deal with this kind of circumstances if they happen anytime again.

Let’s discuss how a company with conversational AI can stand out.


If you are having social media page through which you deal your sales and there is a social media manager who entertains all the customer queries obviosusly he would have to leave his seat for a while. Meanwhile a customer asks you the price of any product. If the chatbot s available in the absence of the social manager it can answer a very basic query and as a side benefit your customer will be engaged on your channel.

If the chatbot is really strong it can even book the order of the customer and assign the work of order delivery to the delivery man. If the chat or is not able to answer the queries it can tell the customer to wait for some minutes or hours to get entertained.

The ccustomer will love the efficiency and will reconsider you if the your product is good. People will like to recommend you and this way you can ace many aspects of marketing too.

Here you can learn the importance of AI chatbots.

Frequent Data Analytics

Conversational AI can find the motive and discrepancies between the customers based on their genders, location, and other factors. This frequent data analysis can help publicize and sell more efficiently.

If you research on Facebook about the online book shopping store, it will give you suggestions and it will keep on giving you those suggestions in a row of 4-5 days. It will let you know what sort of sales on book stores are going on and what sort of events are upcoming. If every business platform embeds this sort of frequent analytic system it can manage to get more engagement on its platform.

Uncertainty comes with an opportunity. It’s on to the person that whether e gets distracted by the uncertainty or sees the opportunity on it. So, if your business is lagging take all the force you have to get to find a solution that can work to enhance your business.

Maybe the pandemic is telling us that we need more technology to financially fight situations like this and we need proper research in the department of health too. It’s the time to learn and night not to mourn. Stay safe!