Artificial intelligence in software testing means to automate the process of software testing. But how is it possible, if we see on an industrial level that is always a team of people who are managing the testing and analyzing the quality but how a bunch of machine algorithms can work to find out any software defects? Give my blog a read and you will find out.

Artificial Intelligence in Testing Process: Is it real?

Software development life cycle has several phases of completion. Due to the dawn of AI, these phases are using an augmented form of artificial intelligence that can be achieved made by applying machine learning algorithms. These machine learning algorithms cause the system to get data from the environment, analyze it, and gives the response accordingly.

Now if we automate the testing process, the bugs will be resolved simultaneously and there would be less time consumed on these activities. Usually, the development team develops a part of software and it is tested and quality assured by the testing team. And if the bugs are detected a lot of time is invested to resolve those bugs. If we implement a system in which all the requirements of creating a software are staggered. And the system is given the knowledge of good and bad code. It will keep on detecting bugs until and unless the code gets fine. It will take less time and effort. Moreover, it is an economical solution for the companies too.

Let’s see how we can assist te developers bu using AI in testing.

API Test Generation

We can utilize our knowledge of artificial intelligence to implement smart API generator. This smart API will be able to detect system calls made to the application and can learn from the pattern of calls.

This way we can generate several test cases within the internal structure of the system and can detect any errors and bugs without wasting any time.

Here the goal of AI would be to create an advanced testing system that can analyze internal traffic, generates automated API tests and makes those API test reusable.

Automated UI Testing

The application needs frequent updating and maintenance. Sometimes it can case UI tests breaking because objects can’t be found. It’s nothing but a headache for testers. The need to maintain the tests that suites object repositories. With AI the system can update its test suites when application changes are made.

Automated testing is not impossible but it’s just hard to maintain the scale. Develop the required skills needed for it and implement it.