Data entry is a tedious work because one has to keep on updating the information on the website manually. This hectic activity consumes tremendous amount of time and, saps the motivation and energy of the employee. We are living in the age of technology where many tasks are automated due to revolutionary AI. So, it seems like it is the right time to get rid of this boring activity and preserve the energy to do something productive.

Let’s see how data entry automation can affect the enterprises and businesses.

Time & Money Investment

About 60% of the employees spend almost 5-6 hours of their time in updating the data at their public sites. It drains motivation and willingness to work of the employees making them unable to cope with the imperative activities with the same zeal and zest.

Many big industries have to collect and process data every other day. They have hired a staff for this purpose who invests a definite amount of energy in keeping the data up-to-date and well organized.

The first situation represents a complete wastage of time and the second one is showing the wastage of resources over an activity that an intelligent software or machine can do.

Accurate Business Data

Incorrect formatting is a very common issue when it comes to manual data entry. The person spending long hours filling out the spreadsheets can get exhausted and mistakenly exchange the cells allocated for CNIC and phone numbers. Those businesses that collect information from a large number of social networks have to hire a person who can’t not only enter the whole data but also updates it. This tiring can lead to mistakes like incorrect formatting very easily.

There are many issues revolving around simple human error. Any number of employee related concerns, such as exhaustion, speed of data entry input, distractions, emotional components, and time can adversely affect how data is being organized. A person can misinterpret data as he might see a piece of information, but his brain interprets it in a different way.

Consider an employee reading long spreadsheets and the stack of information from where he is getting the data to enter, he may see 0 wriiten somewhere but he can interpret it as O.

Computer don’t get exhaust, they are made to serve humans. So, yes if we employee them in this regard, it’s wrong to say the data entry would be cent percent accurate but it will be more accurate then man made spreadsheet.

More Resources to Allocate on Other Tasks

Expanding business needs more hands for imperative tasks. The resources you are wasting on data entry can be allocated to the productive and profitable tasks. This way you will be able to keep the employees enthusiastic too.

The money you are spending on hiring the staff for data entry can be used to invest in several projects. It is a smarter approach to hire a machine for this tedious loop of information gathering and staggering.

Smart industries have smart solutions to cope with their problems. By automating this time, effort, and profit consuming activity, you can preserve all this to lead the business.