PHP is called a loosely typed language but what does it even mean?
Loosely typed language indicates a programming language that does not require defining the variable. In simple words, while declaring a variable in a programming language, if it does not require any classification of data types stored in its libraries then this means that the programming language is loosely typed. And for this same reason, PHP is also called loosely typed language.

The benefit of working with these languages is that you can define a variable as $string and assign the integer number to it. You won’t have to backtrack the thousand lines of code to change or declare the nature of the variable.

Brief Introduction of PHP

PHP is a popular general-purpose programming language that is mostly used in the development of websites. Contrary to many scripting languages, PHP is the loosely-typed programming language as it does not require the variable type to be defined while declaring the variable. Programmers often seem to enjoy its flexible features as it gives them an optimum and efficient way of coding and debugging.

Why PHP is Considered as the Best Website Development Language?

This flexible feature has caused the PHP language to dominate in the website development market even many application developers use PHP to create dynamic applications with this language.

Complete Programming Liberty

PHP gives the programmer a liberty to set its own rules. This helps them in logic building regardless of any lingual restrictions. The feature is helpful for beginners as well as professionals. The programmer can also save a lot of precious time in the industry without wasting on learning language rules and restrictions.

Optimum Flexibility

Dynamic applications are quite tough to work with. Often these applications have to act on the information provided by the unknown sets of data. Using the PHP programming script proves to be the best shots as it does not enforce data types on variables, and hence offers complete flexibility in complex programming.

Scope of Experimentation

It is the best way of experimenting and sharpening the programming skills. It does not only enhance knowledge of a person with programming aspects but also gives them the confidence to deal with complex problems.


The story written above is describing why PHP is a popular loosely-typed language, various advantages and drawbacks are also discussed but not to scare you but to give you a complete overview so that you can pick up the right language as a professional.