PHP is the most popular and loved language among developers. The reason is that at the official site of PHP, the coding guide is present which any beginner can read and learn from. Secondly, PHP developers can find good CMSs and frameworks to work with.

The most popular area of development that utilizes PHP in website development. Many website developers love to code in PHP because of its easy programming rules. This language tends to create dynamic websites with great ease.

Tips & Tricks For PHP Developers

This blog post is all about finding the best PHP tips and tricks for website or application development purposes.


If you are not entered in the realm of OOP that means you are falling fast. The first thing you need to do is sharpen the concepts of OOP and utilize them while coding your website. OOP is recommended to develop dynamic systems because every object/thing has its self-contained API, which only has to know how to take the input required, and return the output required. There is no reason for other code to know what’s going on inside the thing, other code only cares that when they pass it the right info, it passes back the right info.

Use _once() Function With Caution

Many PHP developers prefer using include() or require() function to call libraries, classes, or files, but using include_eleven() or require_eleven() can prevent duplication of the files and classes or loaded libraries.

Enable Error Reporting

Error reporting feature must be activated while staring a new project in PHP. And it should be turned off only when you are witching to production mode. To set the settings all you have to alter the php.ini file while developing your site. Include these two lines in the beginning.

error_reporting ( E_ALL ) ;
ini_set ( 'display_errors' , 1 ) ;

This piece of code will help you catch any small errors at the very initial stage that can grow up to create problematic program.

Protect Your Database

Security concerns are the biggest threat to the reputation of PHP. The safest way to secure data from any malicious code and quote is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for all database before it is added to the database.

Clean URLs Quickly with .htaccess

Create clean URLs as they are less fragile and can be mapped explicitly to an underlying resource. To make the data organized and your site easily navigatable create clean URLs with .htaccess command on a quicker note.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^ ( [ a – zA – Z0 – 9 ] + ) $ index . Php? Page = $ 1

Replace If Statements with Switch

Instead of using long IF statements in the code snippets, use switch function. This will lessen the computation while code execution. The switch statement executes line by line (i.e. statement by statement) and once PHP finds a case statement that evaluates to true, it’s not only executes the code corresponding to that case statement, but also executes all the subsequent case statements till the end of the switch block automatically.

Encrypt Passwords & Other Sensitive Data

In PHP, encryption and decryption of a string is possible using one of the Cryptography Extensions called OpenSSL function for encrypt and decrypt. The openssl_encrypt() function can also be used to encrypt the data.

To read more on the topic of encryption you can read this blog.

Use POST Avoid GET

Although GET is easier to use for pagination and develop permalinks but it’s simpler emulate. Use POST instead because it’s safe and it prevents your project from getting hacked.

To conclude this blog, I will say a project can never be successful if the developer does not know what he is developing and what the customer is demanding. To completely understand the project a visual or graphical representation of the program is necessary and after developing a complete understanding of that a person must be able to write the code which can only be made possible if you are practicing coding on your end. Having a good practice and a complete understanding of the project, you can follow these tricks to create the best dynamic websites. If you want to study pros and cons of using PHP, you can read this blog.