4 points to Improve Logic Programming

Logic programming is a formal paradigm to solve the problem via programming. Any program written in any programming language is a set of sentences that are typed to perform some part of the functionality.

Improve Logic Programming

Some people tend to get the bigger picture of any problem or project but when they sit down to code on their computers, they couldn’t come up with any thought to start typing the solution. This situation is said to be lacking the sense to build well defined logical models while coding.

Logical programming is the key to become a good developer. If you are a front-end or back-end developer yo must have a very good sense tackling with complex algorithms at your job place. Here are some important points to sharpen logic building.

Think to solve

The logic in programming is all about solving problems. It is the nature of human beings that they can’t cope with the bigger problems with raised complexity. However, if the problem is divided into smaller parts it becomes manageable. Each smaller chunk of the problem can be managed with a better focus. A programmer can start writing the pseudo-code line by line and then it can be converted easily to successfully create a program in any language.

Many of the developers need pictorial representations to resolve the problem. But the visualization can only be possible when the developer can completely know the complexity. Once the visualization is done, the developer can easily use the graphical tool to achieve the actual picture.

Some simple notes from pencil diagrams can also be helpful. To instill a better understanding the diagrams must be divided into basic problems or simpler modules. When this point is made, the logic in programming is just modular and easily achievable.


Coding is like mathematics, the more you practice, the more expert you become. You can’t become a good developer by just reading the theory of the code and copying it from resource. Daily practice also trains your brain to think logically. You can feel the difference since the day you started and your current situation. There would be a huge difference in your way of thinking and writing code.

Learn OOP and Data Structures

OOP makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code as new objects can be created with small differences to existing ones. OOP provides a good framework for code libraries where supplied software components can be easily adapted and modified by the programmer.

Data Structures are the key part of many computer algorithms as they allow the programmers to do data management efficiently. A right selection of data structure can enhance the efficiency of computer program or algorithm in a better way.

Learn Programming Paradigms

There are two types of programming paradigm; procedural and obeject oriented programming. Both of these optimal approaches in different scenarios. While making huge projects, usually OOP is used. The deep knowledge and strong concept about the paradigms will let us choose the stronger approach for any particualr scenario.

There are many platforms where you can practice programming and solve problems on daily basis. This will enhance your confidence level while taking the bigger projects. HackerRank, CoderByte and CodeFights are the most popular ones.


8 Advanced Tips & Tricks for PHP Developers

PHP is the most popular and loved language among developers. The reason is that at the official site of PHP, the coding guide is present which any beginner can read and learn from. Secondly, PHP developers can find good CMSs and frameworks to work with.

The most popular area of development that utilizes PHP in website development. Many website developers love to code in PHP because of its easy programming rules. This language tends to create dynamic websites with great ease.

Tips & Tricks For PHP Developers

This blog post is all about finding the best PHP tips and tricks for website or application development purposes.


If you are not entered in the realm of OOP that means you are falling fast. The first thing you need to do is sharpen the concepts of OOP and utilize them while coding your website. OOP is recommended to develop dynamic systems because every object/thing has its self-contained API, which only has to know how to take the input required, and return the output required. There is no reason for other code to know what’s going on inside the thing, other code only cares that when they pass it the right info, it passes back the right info.

Use _once() Function With Caution

Many PHP developers prefer using include() or require() function to call libraries, classes, or files, but using include_eleven() or require_eleven() can prevent duplication of the files and classes or loaded libraries.

Enable Error Reporting

Error reporting feature must be activated while staring a new project in PHP. And it should be turned off only when you are witching to production mode. To set the settings all you have to alter the php.ini file while developing your site. Include these two lines in the beginning.

error_reporting ( E_ALL ) ;
ini_set ( 'display_errors' , 1 ) ;

This piece of code will help you catch any small errors at the very initial stage that can grow up to create problematic program.

Protect Your Database

Security concerns are the biggest threat to the reputation of PHP. The safest way to secure data from any malicious code and quote is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for all database before it is added to the database.

Clean URLs Quickly with .htaccess

Create clean URLs as they are less fragile and can be mapped explicitly to an underlying resource. To make the data organized and your site easily navigatable create clean URLs with .htaccess command on a quicker note.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^ ( [ a – zA – Z0 – 9 ] + ) $ index . Php? Page = $ 1

Replace If Statements with Switch

Instead of using long IF statements in the code snippets, use switch function. This will lessen the computation while code execution. The switch statement executes line by line (i.e. statement by statement) and once PHP finds a case statement that evaluates to true, it’s not only executes the code corresponding to that case statement, but also executes all the subsequent case statements till the end of the switch block automatically.

Encrypt Passwords & Other Sensitive Data

In PHP, encryption and decryption of a string is possible using one of the Cryptography Extensions called OpenSSL function for encrypt and decrypt. The openssl_encrypt() function can also be used to encrypt the data.

To read more on the topic of encryption you can read this blog.

Use POST Avoid GET

Although GET is easier to use for pagination and develop permalinks but it’s simpler emulate. Use POST instead because it’s safe and it prevents your project from getting hacked.

To conclude this blog, I will say a project can never be successful if the developer does not know what he is developing and what the customer is demanding. To completely understand the project a visual or graphical representation of the program is necessary and after developing a complete understanding of that a person must be able to write the code which can only be made possible if you are practicing coding on your end. Having a good practice and a complete understanding of the project, you can follow these tricks to create the best dynamic websites. If you want to study pros and cons of using PHP, you can read this blog.


Why PHP is Called a Loosely Typed Language?

PHP is called a loosely typed language but what does it even mean?
Loosely typed language indicates a programming language that does not require defining the variable. In simple words, while declaring a variable in a programming language, if it does not require any classification of data types stored in its libraries then this means that the programming language is loosely typed. And for this same reason, PHP is also called loosely typed language.

The benefit of working with these languages is that you can define a variable as $string and assign the integer number to it. You won’t have to backtrack the thousand lines of code to change or declare the nature of the variable.

Brief Introduction of PHP

PHP is a popular general-purpose programming language that is mostly used in the development of websites. Contrary to many scripting languages, PHP is the loosely-typed programming language as it does not require the variable type to be defined while declaring the variable. Programmers often seem to enjoy its flexible features as it gives them an optimum and efficient way of coding and debugging.

Why PHP is Considered as the Best Website Development Language?

This flexible feature has caused the PHP language to dominate in the website development market even many application developers use PHP to create dynamic applications with this language.

Complete Programming Liberty

PHP gives the programmer a liberty to set its own rules. This helps them in logic building regardless of any lingual restrictions. The feature is helpful for beginners as well as professionals. The programmer can also save a lot of precious time in the industry without wasting on learning language rules and restrictions.

Optimum Flexibility

Dynamic applications are quite tough to work with. Often these applications have to act on the information provided by the unknown sets of data. Using the PHP programming script proves to be the best shots as it does not enforce data types on variables, and hence offers complete flexibility in complex programming.

Scope of Experimentation

It is the best way of experimenting and sharpening the programming skills. It does not only enhance knowledge of a person with programming aspects but also gives them the confidence to deal with complex problems.


  • While programming in PHP, the programmers must be aware of the data typing. Without this, they may be creating vulnerable codes that may lead to vulnerable applications and websites.
  • PHP can create major errors. Say, for instance, your code needs integer input, and your variable is in a string. As the most undesired output, the entire function will break. However, it is possible to overcome this issue by creating a properly-structured and organized programming code.

The story written above is describing why PHP is a popular loosely-typed language, various advantages and drawbacks are also discussed but not to scare you but to give you a complete overview so that you can pick up the right language as a professional.


6 Powerful Tips for Eloquent Logo Designs

Logo is the symbol of any business, it holds the story and sentiments behind the business establishment and it is representative of services a business provides. So, we can say a logo is something that can fame or defame a brand in the market.

The question is how? Whenever we see a Facebook page or any building while passing through the road, the first that catches the eyes is the logo sign. We read the text written within the latter. Sometimes, the name is the logo of the company, even though first the font is something that attracts. If logo design is so important why not gathering information regarding the design of structure within the current market state.

Powerful Tips for Effective Logo Designs

Let’s find some powerful to design the logos and create happy customers.

Know the Brand

This is the most important point for a logo designer. He/she must know what the business is selling and what features of the logo can magnify the services or moral values of that brand. We can take a common example here, suppose a food brand comes to you and the owner is serving international cuisine. You unknowingly create something that represents chicken, only. The logo design of this kind will sabotage the customer market of your employer or your customer who has given you the responsibility to create his logo. At first sight, anyone can get the idea that this hotel is just serving chicken dishes and if any friend crew is vegetarian or don’t trust chicken will pass on.

Impression is crucial

The logo is just like a dress or suit. People respond to the way we dress. Similarly, they respond to the way a logo of the brand is designed. The logo creates a brand image inside the market. It says everything about the founder and the business itself. They say first impression lasts so the logo of a business is the first impression on public and to make this impression log lasting, it is imperative to create an innovative, relevant and eloquent logo. They say first impression lasts, the design should

Color Scheming

Color scheme is another matter that must be discussed with logo designers. If exuberant and jazzy colors are used, they promulgate the brand is energetic and it made for energetic people. If blue, black, or calm colors are used, it conveys the message of professionalism and togetherness. Many social media applications have a blue color, like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter as they are communicating connectivity and togetherness. In the picture below the meaning of each color is shown. This can be helpful for you.

Picking Font Styles

Many designers don’t think twice while picking the typefaces for the logo writing. It directly affects the brand image. Suppose you are making a logo for a toy shop, children are the target audience here, so you need to think of a handwritten typeface, the color scheme should match with the taste of a child. But if you are designing for an IT or financing brand the font style should be simple and professional.

Make it Simple

Simplicity attracts everyone. Complexity just make the things entangled. Sometimes overly designed logos cause the customers to misread the brand name. Sometimes, the messier logo leads to a wrong interpretation of the brand. Try to think of an organized structure of the logo and then design it by keeping in view the market trends.

Scalable Design

The most important quality of a good logo design is to make it scalable. It means that it should be adjustable in different sizes. If somebody wants to print it on the billboard or brochure, it should be adjustable. The best way to do this is to design vectors. Moreover, the logo should look captivating in its colorless form.

Digital era has produced many entrepreneurs in the society and the increasing demand of establishing one own business has blessed the market of logo designers. In the vigorous competition, you can win by following the trendy rules and successfully promulgating the actual meaning of the brand. You can follow this link to explore more principles.


6 Minutes Read on: How to Generate Revenue with Data?

Our electronics gadgets are gathering a lot of data every other day. What if we start generating revenue and profit with this data? Sounds like a great idea, then let’s get started to explore the tips to pile up data and generate revenue with it.

Business growth occurs with customer feedback, because feedback tells what the outside world is liking about your business and what areas need a change. The client survey also exhibits what sort of product can fancy your market. Now, if the data is answering these imperative questions, there must exist a trivial way to learn from patterns hidden inside data. Because manually it is nearly impossible and to resolve this issue there comes a concept of data analytics.

According to recent CITO research, it has been found that companies that move utilize business intelligence to grow in market are moving from reactive a proactive approach. They first utilize data to improve infrastaructure and then they deal with customer problems effectively.

Stages of Data Analytics

Here are the following stages of data analytics:

Reactive Analytics

This kind of analytics entertains the questions regarding the products like how customers are using the product. Are they encountering some sort of issue to deal with it. It reveals whether the product you have designed and launched in the market is engaging or not. You may find the actual reason of less product engagement. Many people do write the constructive feedback for the product, these typical suggestion can help you make the things better.

Descriptive Analytics

This is the phase of visualization. After the collection of data, you have to find out what sort of response is hidden inside it. You can see whether the response is good or it is worst. Where the problems are residing and what sort of problems can be resolved. It gives you another imperative information of “Product Sustainability” in the market.

Diagnostics Analytics

This is the productization phase. This is the stage when you like to share your data analytics with public. It can be the result of epiphany or it can be humble request.

Proactive Analytics

Companies figure out their position and resources in this phase and they will know where embedding software inside the system that can perform automatic analysis can be beneficial for them or generating a whole new project by converting an analytics platform would remain feasible.

5 Tips to Grow Cash Crop with Data

Let’s discuss the roadmap for data monetization to enhance sales and generate revenue.

Internal Business Intelligence

Look at the usage of your systems are products. Create a dashboard that can show the graphs about product usage. Keep an eye on anomalies. And try to figure out the reason behind them.

Share Analytics with Clients

Share the results of the analysis with your clients. You can either embed a dashboard in your system which would tell your client what sort of reviews your product is getting. Or you can also show those in a social media campaign. There you can announce that you are happy to get the response and how you are trying to resolve any issues the public has told you.

Add Self-Service

You will realize the value of your data when others will demand to use it. If you are giving free offerings, people will ask about more views, new angles and can ask to white label your dashboard for their users.

Aggregate Information

You can apply the rule of benchmarking customers behavior. This way you can find what customers are behaving normally and what customers are showing less interest in the product. You may survey them to find the reason behind their changed attitude. The data aggregation can prove beneficial for your partners and consumers.

Personalize Analytics

The more you find ways to make the analytics personalized the better you would be able to deliver it.

With this increasing age of technology, there are several ways to earn money and generate profit. Data analytics is one of them. So, go collect it and start finding ways to use it for business growth.


Why automating data entry has become an indispensable need today?

Data entry is a tedious work because one has to keep on updating the information on the website manually. This hectic activity consumes tremendous amount of time and, saps the motivation and energy of the employee. We are living in the age of technology where many tasks are automated due to revolutionary AI. So, it seems like it is the right time to get rid of this boring activity and preserve the energy to do something productive.

Let’s see how data entry automation can affect the enterprises and businesses.

Time & Money Investment

About 60% of the employees spend almost 5-6 hours of their time in updating the data at their public sites. It drains motivation and willingness to work of the employees making them unable to cope with the imperative activities with the same zeal and zest.

Many big industries have to collect and process data every other day. They have hired a staff for this purpose who invests a definite amount of energy in keeping the data up-to-date and well organized.

The first situation represents a complete wastage of time and the second one is showing the wastage of resources over an activity that an intelligent software or machine can do.

Accurate Business Data

Incorrect formatting is a very common issue when it comes to manual data entry. The person spending long hours filling out the spreadsheets can get exhausted and mistakenly exchange the cells allocated for CNIC and phone numbers. Those businesses that collect information from a large number of social networks have to hire a person who can’t not only enter the whole data but also updates it. This tiring can lead to mistakes like incorrect formatting very easily.

There are many issues revolving around simple human error. Any number of employee related concerns, such as exhaustion, speed of data entry input, distractions, emotional components, and time can adversely affect how data is being organized. A person can misinterpret data as he might see a piece of information, but his brain interprets it in a different way.

Consider an employee reading long spreadsheets and the stack of information from where he is getting the data to enter, he may see 0 wriiten somewhere but he can interpret it as O.

Computer don’t get exhaust, they are made to serve humans. So, yes if we employee them in this regard, it’s wrong to say the data entry would be cent percent accurate but it will be more accurate then man made spreadsheet.

More Resources to Allocate on Other Tasks

Expanding business needs more hands for imperative tasks. The resources you are wasting on data entry can be allocated to the productive and profitable tasks. This way you will be able to keep the employees enthusiastic too.

The money you are spending on hiring the staff for data entry can be used to invest in several projects. It is a smarter approach to hire a machine for this tedious loop of information gathering and staggering.

Smart industries have smart solutions to cope with their problems. By automating this time, effort, and profit consuming activity, you can preserve all this to lead the business.


Content Curation: The most effective strategies of content curation

Content curation is the process of gathering data on a particular and organize it in an exhibiting way. Companies and industries often use content curation to maintain their portfolios. They use different statistics and analytics for business purposes.

Some people often mix content curation and content creation. These are two different things and the precedant is easier beacuse the alraedy present information is to be staggered and displayed charmingly.

How Content Curation Works?

Content curation is the technique used by the marketers. What they do is; stagger up the infographics, pictures and blogs and display them in an eye ctaching way. Content curators even gave scripts to create the videos by analyzing the social media trends and hit the target audiennce.

The whole media has been relying on content curation. We all share memes on our walls that are seen on some facebook page to engage and entertain our friends from our account.

What to share as a professional?

Now if content curation is all about sharing and capturing audience. What should be shared professionally?

Target Audience

First of all, you need to pick up the target audience. And then you have to explore what kind of content your audience likes. Then you have to gaher the content regarding the interest and you can enhance your reach. As an example we can say, if your audience likes to read daily news about financing but your force is not able to cope with it daily. You can share the blogs of others on your timeline not to break your daily reach. It can give you two benefits; first you will never break your daily reach record and second you can make cordial relations with the company or person whose content you are sharing that can be proven good for business.

No Conflicts

Never share any controversial content. Many public marchs happen on several issues. Where you know people can pick up sides don’t share that sort of content. Most commonly it is said that religious and political opinions should not be shared professionally.

Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date, always try to share something new. Sometimes, some posts or writings are relevant in two situations, you can reshare the content but making a new call or caption.

Effective Strategies For Content Curation

Here are some effective strategies that can help you becoming the best content curator.

Set Measurable Goals

Content curation is part of content marketing. Just like content marketing, you have to do branding and publicize your products and ideas. Sometimes, you want to share the company’s values to create a good reputation for the company. First of all, you need to set up the goal why are you piling up the particular information. That’s how you can figure out your goal.

Explore Your Audience

After setting the measurable goal, you need to know what sort of audience must be attracted to your content. If you are an IT company, the content you are sharing is for customers or your partners. Then you should know what sort of taste they possess. Then you need to curate the exact content that can hit your audience.

Make it Humane

Content curation involves the analytics of companies too. Sometimes it can be automated but it does have some human touch. If the content is computer generated you can add some sentences in simple English while displaying them on your wall that can add sentimental value.

Less is Enough

Many content curators think, long paragraph of content will add value. Yes, it does add value but people don’t like to read it. Storytelling in your content can make it less dry but usually, people run away from reading long captions and big paragraphs of information. You can add something visual to hit your audience or you can shorten your curated content. This way your reader will never lose interest in your writings.

Cedits to Creator

Never forget to give the credits to the original creator. It is ethical and it can save you from many problems on social media. Otherwise, the creator can speak up and your company’s reputation will be at stake.

Content curation is a very legitimate to publicize in a minimum time. Less effort is required. You have to collect the content and arrange it in an eye-catching way to earn the audience.


Product Management: What does the future say in the 2020s for excellence?

Product management is an organizational function within a company. The role of a product manager is imperative especially in the IT sector because he introduces the efficient ways of new product development, forecasts the product’s life in the market, and sets the price.

Due to the increasing demand for product managers, the year 2020 came up with a lot of jobs in this department and it has raised the demands of the company from the PMs too.

Companies need product managers that keep themselves up-to-date and are the best problem solvers. IT is a field of increasing technology day by day and each new technology is followed by some other one, ready to rule over the existing one. In this case, product managers are very crucial as they can predict the life of the product by analyzing the market trends and uniqueness of their company’s product.

Product Managers-the strategic leaders

Previously, product management was confused with project management and UX teams. People were not conscious of the role and responsibilities of the product managers. Product managers strategize the development of the product. Suggest that how the product can be made unique and whether the customer would like it or not. What will be the pricing of the product and will it remain feasible for technically mediocre people to use it. How the competitors are operating their products, is your methodology efficient or your competitors are having a good methodology. After scrutinizing all the scenarios, the product managers develop the critically develops the plan to develop and execute the product.

In B2B business like the IT sector; people are demanding products to use for their businesses, product management has proved crucial. Product managers, keeping in mind the customers and market tread, provide the best solutions for execution.
So, we can the whole product strategy of the companies is residing in this department.

Trends in Product Management in 2020

Here are some market trends that every product manager needs to follow in 2020.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Many of the users these days are keeping smartphones, wearing smartwatches. They want to interact with your product through every gadget. So, your first and foremost duty is your product accessible through every gadget. Like if you are developing websites, are they responsive enough to be fit for the smartwatch to access and yet remain readable for the customer.

If it’s not so, you need to design a strategy and improve your development areas.

Digital Ease

Daily life is like a run race. The one who is the fastest wins the championship. To win the routine race people are relying more and more on technology. Money transactions are made online, form submission can be done with the internet. First of all, you need to spot anything that you are doing traditionally, make it online, create ease and the customer will be all yours.

And also keep an eye on the complexity of usability. People out there are using technology to save time not to serve more time in learning your application or product. They will go to your competitor rather than investing time in your product.

Long Term Trends to Track

It is explained every other time, computer sciences is the field of vigorous advancement. Daily a new technology is introduced in the market obsoleting the previous ones. If you stick to the traditional ways, you won’t be able to cope with the worldly advancement. Here is the duty of the product management sector to seek out the newest technologies in the market and introduce those in their company’s products. We can encode an example here; if you are introducing a gadget, seeing the current technology it must be an IoT device to get traced and located.

Product management is a hectic job and it needs a person who can properly research and design plans. Seeing the importance, companies are even hiring senior product managers and chief product officers, Why? So that they can cope with the ongoing advancement. So, if you are a product manager, the reputation of the company and sales of the product are relying on you. Keep yourself updated.


What is Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing? Is it a buzz or reality?

Artificial intelligence in software testing means to automate the process of software testing. But how is it possible, if we see on an industrial level that is always a team of people who are managing the testing and analyzing the quality but how a bunch of machine algorithms can work to find out any software defects? Give my blog a read and you will find out.

Artificial Intelligence in Testing Process: Is it real?

Software development life cycle has several phases of completion. Due to the dawn of AI, these phases are using an augmented form of artificial intelligence that can be achieved made by applying machine learning algorithms. These machine learning algorithms cause the system to get data from the environment, analyze it, and gives the response accordingly.

Now if we automate the testing process, the bugs will be resolved simultaneously and there would be less time consumed on these activities. Usually, the development team develops a part of software and it is tested and quality assured by the testing team. And if the bugs are detected a lot of time is invested to resolve those bugs. If we implement a system in which all the requirements of creating a software are staggered. And the system is given the knowledge of good and bad code. It will keep on detecting bugs until and unless the code gets fine. It will take less time and effort. Moreover, it is an economical solution for the companies too.

Let’s see how we can assist te developers bu using AI in testing.

API Test Generation

We can utilize our knowledge of artificial intelligence to implement smart API generator. This smart API will be able to detect system calls made to the application and can learn from the pattern of calls.

This way we can generate several test cases within the internal structure of the system and can detect any errors and bugs without wasting any time.

Here the goal of AI would be to create an advanced testing system that can analyze internal traffic, generates automated API tests and makes those API test reusable.

Automated UI Testing

The application needs frequent updating and maintenance. Sometimes it can case UI tests breaking because objects can’t be found. It’s nothing but a headache for testers. The need to maintain the tests that suites object repositories. With AI the system can update its test suites when application changes are made.

Automated testing is not impossible but it’s just hard to maintain the scale. Develop the required skills needed for it and implement it.


How can conversational AI produce opprtunities in the most uncertain times of 2020?

Conversational AI refers to those instruments and platforms that can communicate via writing or speaking. Any chatbot or robot we see in our daily life is the example of conversational AI.


From the daily examples, we can say Siri is the conversational AI agent. As it can communicate with you and take your commands to respond accordingly. We can say it is a robotic assistant of human beings.

These days the world is suffering through health and financial issues. People are scared of the pandemic and they are locked to their houses to keep them safe from getting the virus. It has given rise to the culture of remote working. As people are not communicating physically and they are not present in a limited building, this long-distance communication and transaction has aroused certain issues and shed light on the areas of improvement.

It’s been predicted that there are many pandemic in a row that can occur and attack in a few years. This means the companies would have to plan a strategy that can make them stand out if any of this situation happens again.

How companies with conversational AI stand out?

A recent study has shown that there is arow of pandemics that will be affectinv the world in a few years. This highlights that the companies should have a policy to deal with this kind of circumstances if they happen anytime again.

Let’s discuss how a company with conversational AI can stand out.


If you are having social media page through which you deal your sales and there is a social media manager who entertains all the customer queries obviosusly he would have to leave his seat for a while. Meanwhile a customer asks you the price of any product. If the chatbot s available in the absence of the social manager it can answer a very basic query and as a side benefit your customer will be engaged on your channel.

If the chatbot is really strong it can even book the order of the customer and assign the work of order delivery to the delivery man. If the chat or is not able to answer the queries it can tell the customer to wait for some minutes or hours to get entertained.

The ccustomer will love the efficiency and will reconsider you if the your product is good. People will like to recommend you and this way you can ace many aspects of marketing too.

Here you can learn the importance of AI chatbots.

Frequent Data Analytics

Conversational AI can find the motive and discrepancies between the customers based on their genders, location, and other factors. This frequent data analysis can help publicize and sell more efficiently.

If you research on Facebook about the online book shopping store, it will give you suggestions and it will keep on giving you those suggestions in a row of 4-5 days. It will let you know what sort of sales on book stores are going on and what sort of events are upcoming. If every business platform embeds this sort of frequent analytic system it can manage to get more engagement on its platform.

Uncertainty comes with an opportunity. It’s on to the person that whether e gets distracted by the uncertainty or sees the opportunity on it. So, if your business is lagging take all the force you have to get to find a solution that can work to enhance your business.

Maybe the pandemic is telling us that we need more technology to financially fight situations like this and we need proper research in the department of health too. It’s the time to learn and night not to mourn. Stay safe!