Fog Computing: Is it a new trend in 2021?

Fog computing is the network fabric that stretches from data creation edge to data storage end. It is an extension of cloud computing to the network edge making it suitable for the internet of things (IoT) and for all other applications that require real time interaction. How Fog Computing Works? Fog computing environment consists of […]

4 points to Improve Logic Programming

Logic programming is a formal paradigm to solve the problem via programming. Any program written in any programming language is a set of sentences that are typed to perform some part of the functionality. Improve Logic Programming Some people tend to get the bigger picture of any problem or project but when they sit down […]

8 Advanced Tips & Tricks for PHP Developers

PHP is the most popular and loved language among developers. The reason is that at the official site of PHP, the coding guide is present which any beginner can read and learn from. Secondly, PHP developers can find good CMSs and frameworks to work with. The most popular area of development that utilizes PHP in […]

Why PHP is Called a Loosely Typed Language?

PHP is called a loosely typed language but what does it even mean?Loosely typed language indicates a programming language that does not require defining the variable. In simple words, while declaring a variable in a programming language, if it does not require any classification of data types stored in its libraries then this means that […]

6 Powerful Tips for Eloquent Logo Designs

Logo is the symbol of any business, it holds the story and sentiments behind the business establishment and it is representative of services a business provides. So, we can say a logo is something that can fame or defame a brand in the market. The question is how? Whenever we see a Facebook page or […]

6 Minutes Read on: How to Generate Revenue with Data?

Our electronics gadgets are gathering a lot of data every other day. What if we start generating revenue and profit with this data? Sounds like a great idea, then let’s get started to explore the tips to pile up data and generate revenue with it. Business growth occurs with customer feedback, because feedback tells what […]

Why automating data entry has become an indispensable need today?

Data entry is a tedious work because one has to keep on updating the information on the website manually. This hectic activity consumes tremendous amount of time and, saps the motivation and energy of the employee. We are living in the age of technology where many tasks are automated due to revolutionary AI. So, it […]

Content Curation: The most effective strategies of content curation

Content curation is the process of gathering data on a particular and organize it in an exhibiting way. Companies and industries often use content curation to maintain their portfolios. They use different statistics and analytics for business purposes. Some people often mix content curation and content creation. These are two different things and the precedant […]

Product Management: What does the future say in the 2020s for excellence?

Product management is an organizational function within a company. The role of a product manager is imperative especially in the IT sector because he introduces the efficient ways of new product development, forecasts the product’s life in the market, and sets the price. Due to the increasing demand for product managers, the year 2020 came […]

What is Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing? Is it a buzz or reality?

Artificial intelligence in software testing means to automate the process of software testing. But how is it possible, if we see on an industrial level that is always a team of people who are managing the testing and analyzing the quality but how a bunch of machine algorithms can work to find out any software […]