5 Most Commonly Faced Software Development Challenges

The information technology industry is highly fast and complex. Things are changing day by day, technology is replaced by some other advanced gadget or software. And now 2020 has dawned with big changes with the world ruled with automation, blockchain, and IoT. This frequent advancement has created several challenges for the development of software. Major […]

8 Stunning Web Design Trends That DevBunch Has Decided To Follow In 2020

First thing first, are web designs really important to write a blog on them? This is yes. Why? Because with the dawn of 2020 a plenty of new technologies are emerging in businesses. And with this technical evolution in the business world is causing each and every business is digitizing its platform i.e deploying a […]

DevBunch Launches 37th Layout Of HOSTIKO Theme

Web hosting is expanding day by day with the advancement of website generation because every business needs a website and all websites need a server. DevBunch is launching its layout for HOSTIKO theme to facilitate web hosting. DevBunch is an elite author in creating web hosting templates and we provide templates there for all kinds […]