Fog Computing: Is it a new trend in 2021?

Fog computing is the network fabric that stretches from data creation edge to data storage end. It is an extension of cloud computing to the network edge making it suitable for the internet of things (IoT) and for all other applications that require real time interaction. How Fog Computing Works? Fog computing environment consists of […]

Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing: Which one would be at the top beyond 2020?

Edge computing is the distributed computing that brings data storage computation closer to the area where it required. The advantage of this is it saves response time and saves bandwidth.  Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management by the user. All […]

AI Chatbots: 5 Best Reasons To Use Them For Businesses

Artificial Intelligence(AI) based chatbots are not new, they have been introduced in the market since the 1960s. Then why everybody is excited about these now. In our age customers and visitors are scrutinizing the services of an industry via customer experience. The better the UX, the more is customer loyalty. AI chatbots are the par […]

6 Best Software Testing Trends In 2020

Software testing is the process to evaluate the functionality of the software with an intent to find whether the developed software meets the desired requirements and is bug free to be ready for the development. There are many types of software testing, if you want to dive deep consider this blog. As the world is […]

How Blockchain Is Influencing Digital Marketing?

Blockchain is a very intriguing topic these days. If you surf through the internet, plenty of topics can be found on blockchain and a lot of courses are provided by educational platforms to learn the implementation of blockchain. Doesn’t it make you think why the world is going crazy about this latest technology? And what […]

Why Blockchain is important for business in 2020?

Defining in simple words; Blockchain is the type of spreadsheet that stores information regarding the transactions of the community. Each transaction generates a hash and every block refers to the previous one.  If we define it more technically; it is distributed ledger technology (DLT), that makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent […]

6 Best Web Hosting Trends To Follow In 2020

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting that allows organizations to make their websites available worldwide. Web hosting companies serve their customer by lending spacial technology and ensures the accessibility of their websites. Daily to daily advancing trends would have set some trends for web hosting too. Let’s discuss those. Green Web Hosting Web […]

7 Exciting Tips To Optimize Web Content For Voice Search

Web content needs optimization to make it recognizable by the search engine and become accessible to your potential customers. These days voice search has become a top trend due to speech processing devices like, Siri and Google translator. Website design predictions of 2020 has revealed many peculiarities that must be adopted by web designers for […]

8 Stunning Web Design Trends That DevBunch Has Decided To Follow In 2020

First thing first, are web designs really important to write a blog on them? This is yes. Why? Because with the dawn of 2020 a plenty of new technologies are emerging in businesses. And with this technical evolution in the business world is causing each and every business is digitizing its platform i.e deploying a […]

10 Epic Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends In 2020

Business Analytics deals with the why’s of past trends of the business whereas business intelligence deals with what happened in the past and how it happened leading up to the current trend. Business intelligence and analysis intersect to develop a business strategy. It also exhibits which scheme was proved successful previously and in what circumstances. […]